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78. Do you like to smell a certain way?

yes, soft, sensual but not loud.

i like to smell clean

fresh washed clothes. washed with a lot of soap.

Vanilla. I also LOVE regular dove powered deodorant. I love the smell. It's inviting.

I would love to smell like Daisy by Marc Jacobs again - or any kind of perfume for that matter. I need more!

Yes ....floral

I like to smell showered and like strawberries

I don't like to smell of body odor. I would prefer to always smell neutral.

Yes, I like to smell clean, with a little lavender and cigarette smoke.

Not reeking of BO.

just to smell clean

Fresh, clean.

Clean and like myself, but like the best version of myself.

I suppose i smell like my soap... and i like how my soap smell! The answer is probably no, i don't care.


Like my signature perfume: blanc by byredo. But fresh/ clean is always also great.

Yes, I like people to know I have a specific scent.

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