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82. Did anyone ever say anything to you that made you see yourself differently, on a physical and especially sartorial level?

Not sure

"You always find the best items" mostly because most of my items are thrifted

take a shower , and i did.


Do not remember anything.

Not that I recall.

Someone once mentioned that I always looked put together -- and I was surprised. It wasn't how I saw myself, although I like nice clothing so I can skimp on makeup.

a few times in my life, people have guessed my weight as much lower than it is. a couple people have called me small or skinny. i don't see it, so it trips me up.

I think the compliments that my clothes/appearance elicit usually affirm the way I like to see and think about myself, which is nice. It helps me be kinder to myself.

People have complimented my style which makes me feel like I am doing something right although I feel lost sometimes.

My mother told me I had my grandmother's hips. It still hurts years later

Yes on a physical way

My college roommate Lizzy told me "you're a very flamboyant woman" when I was 21. She's right. My frame, my style, and my bold silhouettes are

When I was a kid and a teenager I was always mistaken for being much older than I was (I think because I hit puberty young and had a fairly serious personality) so I just went forward thinking that I looked old for my age. In my mid twenties people started mistaking me for a teenager, and told me it was because I was baby-faced, and I'd never thought of myself that way before. It made me feel more comfortable wearing clothes like trainers or hoodies, which I'd previously thought I couldn't pull off because I thought I looked like I was an older person trying to look young, rather than just a younger person dressing appropriately.

my housemate said the other day 'you're like a wandering art gallery'. that was the biggest compliment I got in a while. it's all women artists, guerilla girls approved.


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