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82. Did anyone ever say anything to you that made you see yourself differently, on a physical and especially sartorial level?

Some days my neuropathy and cancer get me down and I have to wear winter boots and gloves.

My father's comment about my legs certainly kept me out of skirts for a decade or two.
I have received enough compliments on the shape and size of my ass that I pay attention.

Someone told me once that I've got a body lika a model. I had never thought so myself.

When people really like what I wear and my style, I want to wear cool stuff even more.

When my boyfriend told me for the first time that I had a beautiful body I remember thinking that I would always feel comfortable in the presence of and valued by this man. That hasn't changed.

The first "where did you get this?" made me feel really proud.

I hadn't tried to dress up intentionally and ended up doing it anyways and getting loads of compliments on my outfit

Yes, the person that abused and raped me in college said many verbally abusive and dehumanizing things about my clothing, body, posture, style, etc. It has taken so much effort to deprogram that bullshit. It is still a process to get rid of that shame.

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