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82. Did anyone ever say anything to you that made you see yourself differently, on a physical and especially sartorial level?

The first "where did you get this?" made me feel really proud.

I hadn't tried to dress up intentionally and ended up doing it anyways and getting loads of compliments on my outfit

Yes, the person that abused and raped me in college said many verbally abusive and dehumanizing things about my clothing, body, posture, style, etc. It has taken so much effort to deprogram that bullshit. It is still a process to get rid of that shame.

A few weeks ago an older man on a train told me he thought my hair style looked "sexy". Made my day!

A designer once told me I had a long torso and that I would look best in high-waisted skirts and pants. I’ve always thought I had a short torso so that comment made me feel much more encouraged to continue to wear high-waisted styles. I’ve also been told I don’t have just one singular style but a style that encompasses a multitude of styles. I try not to limit myself to just one look or style so I am pleased that is the sentiment that is being conveyed through my manner of dress.

It's the second person i met that presume that i'm a catholic, nothing against believer but that's totally not me, not my background, at all! So how come did they end up thinking this? Is this something i should consider that comes from my looks? Or that comes with the own clichés of the this people?

People complementing things I made when I could first sew probably encouraged my ambitions to be a designer a lot.

This goes back to a previous answer I gave about being told I 'look like an artist.' Also compliments from people I love or have loved seem to make a big difference in my self-love.

Yes no more jeans wear dresses boots

I've been called tiny, intimidating, goth, and sexual. All of those have made me think a tiny bit about my clothing choices.

No. People see me for who I am.

I got a lot of flack at one point for wearing exclusively black... it made me really subconscious about it so I started to try wearing colour. It didn't feel right. Plus I didn't really know how to wear it properly.

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