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9. Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple? Why do you think you keep buying this thing?

I have two pairs each of two styles of sandal and my favorite boot. I love them and they suit me and my crotchety feet, so I'll continue to turn to them.

I have many jumpsuits. I love the feel—it’s all of the best parts of a dress without the drawbacks. I can spread my legs as wide as I like, and ride a bike, and so many other things. I also own what feels like hundreds of jumpers or sweaters, whatever you like to call them. I’ll go through phases of which I enjoy wearing the most. I buy so many just because of how absolutely comfy they are.

probably comftable

Patterned dresses. Because dresses make an outfit and patterns are endless.

Girlfriend jeans from Gap. Can’t have enough but really can’t not wear the same pair every day of the week.
Also, when H&M has the purple, yellow, maroon, navy, green stripe socks. Can’t get over how they don’t still sell them.

I have multiples of almost every clothing item I own. I'm not sure why.

I have ten pairs of underwear, and I think we should all be jolly grateful that I do.

Straight white jeans. I have five pairs. They fit well and they fit with everything. In the summer I wear wide white linen trousers. I combine my white trousers with shirts, tunics, blazers and dresses. I look different every day - except for the white jeans. It my signature thing. For a couple of years I tried to alternate with other trousers, but then I remembered that I once had a colleague (male) who would only wear white, top and bottom. And that was fine. It was a bit weird of course, a guy dressed in white, but everybody was fine with it and he was actually respected - he was the chair of a board. So I thought: no more concessions to white trousers. To my surprise, I only got nice reactions. A (female) friend who recently picked me up at night in a dark and big city said lovingly: I recognised you by your jeans.

jeans- I feel comfortable in them...maybe too comfortable because I know they're not appropriate for every occasion

I don't buy anything in multiples; I like everything in my closet to be unique and have a unique purpose for being there.


Yes, I do. I used to buy items which are similar in design but different in color.

Blue jeans!! Hippie tops, Birkenstocks, Toms shoes, Clogs; unique satchels preferably handmade in Nepal; tie dye, only floor-length dresses & long skirts. I buy these things as I am "stuck in 1969" & don't plan to change a thing about my attire as this free-form style IS ME! I detest flip-flops!

Not at this time.

Leggings, I buy lots of them because they tend to rip easily, no matter what brand I get.
Also, highlight because I keep finding ones that are gorgeous and I can't not buy them.
Finally, foundation, because I can't seem to find my perfect shade.

sports wear...
i have my cupboard filled with sports wear as that is what i like to wear the most.

i stopped buying clothes.

I have lots of pairs of the same Urban Outfitters trousers but in different colours haha - purely because they fit perfect and it's such a rare thing for me to find comfortable trousers which fit well. Same with Zara's stripey t-shirts!


i have about 4 plain black t-shirts, 3 plain white t-shirts and 3 plain grey t-shirts, that are all exactly the same style. i buy them because it means that i can put them with practically everything and i won't think that something in my outfit is clashing.

I basically collect scarves. I like the feeling of having something covering my neck, and scarves are a fun way to accomplish that. They're also relatively small and cheap, and can easily be bright and have fun patterns, while other clothing items can't necessarily.


Black t-shirts! Dark jeans. Because I wear them a lot.

Black ponte pants - I buy at least 2 pairs every year because they are pants that can double for casual and work wear which means they are worn almost every day in the colder months.

Jeans, because they suck my fat rolls in cover the things I don't want people to see. They make me feel more comfortable.

I buy a lot of white cotton dresses - when I travel, or go back home to India. they are easy to dress up or down, and remind me of being younger and more carefree. They are also perfect for the tropical climate I now live in - Singapore.

cardies, leggings, padded coats - I just like them

T-Shirts. Shoes. Like both. Wear both a lot

I have a lot of different shades of high waisted jeans. I like the lines they give my body and can be worn when it's cold. I have two of the same perfectly fitting Forever 21 peter pan collar dresses. All of my dresses nip at the waist. I feel most comfortable when my body is proportionate in clothes. A waist on everything lends me to that break up.

Exciting Things that dont really fit, but rather inspire me.

A pair of men's shoes. I bought them and loved them, so I then bought the next size up as well.

Also, a comfy knitted shirt. It's so hard for me to find winter clothes I like, so I bought four of the same shirt in different patterns/colours.

I have multiple black dresses. I keep buying black dresses because I like black and black makes me look (and feel) slimmer than I am. I find black dresses incredibly elegant and beautiful, but equally very practical. I don't tend to delineate my wardrobe that much - what I wear to work I will generally wear out in the evening and in the weekend. I'll wear the same black dress to work on Monday with a blazer, scarf, black stockings and a pair of boots that I wore on Saturday with my Adidas Stan Smiths and a big woolly jersey thrown over top.

Black pants and grey sweaters. I am trying to not duplicate anymore, but I love the simplicity.

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