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9. Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple? Why do you think you keep buying this thing?

If I love something, I buy it in like, every color I like. I need to stop doing this— it makes it less special when I choose to wear those items!

I’m specifically thinking of cardigans and camisoles.

solid tees.

I work from home up to two weeks at a time, so I need 15 shirts
I work with many legal clients, so need WHITE shirts
So I buy 4 white cottton shirts at a time (you usually get get great savings - sometimes as much as 60% - buying in bulk like that
Same with navy trousers, which I buy in threes
I also buy my socks always same colour, from the same place, so in my drawer any two socks is a pair

Basic mom jeans.

Black boots. Western shirts. They work. I like how they look. They convey what I want to convey.

I buy in multiples: the cashmere sweaters I love, the basic t-shirts I finally found that fit me perfectly, black skirts . . . I like a uniform I can quickly mix and match with something one-of-a-kind or symbolic. It must travel well and never require ironing.

White shirts. White tee shirts, white silk shirts, white button-ups. They are crisp, classic, and so versatile.

Love my pencil skirts in similar tartan designs. Of course I have way too many pairs of heels and strappy sandals. My favorite bra in tons of different colors and in triplicate lol.

Off the shoulder and hides not so perfect arms

I recently bought a two pairs of my favorite cut of Levi's. I like the Rib Cage Straight Ankle and it's hard to get in a Size 16, so I bought a few.

I also bought a few of my favorite ORI tshirts and will buy more.

I also have bought multiples of camis, undies, and bike shorts from Thunderpants, because they are THE BEST and so Comfortable for sleeping.

Those two items are the basis of my daily uniform. They're core closet items.

I have two identical black jeans (Souvenir) and two identical white t-shirt.I keep buying it because I like it. They represent who I am. I don't want something else.

Mostly jeans, out of necessity because I use them until they're completely worn out.

Yes. My fear is that the company may stop making them. So I will buy multiple if I find something that I love with a very flattering look.

i buy the minium of what i can wear. i need more styles and more of it clothing of every kind. i like cotton. big sizes.

I have black, long sleeved skinny tops that I can wear simply or as base for layering other clothes on top. They are very versatile and black looks good on me.

stockings, I love them

Yes, shoes. I have very small feets and if I find the right size very rarely I buy the shoes in as many colours as the shop has in the same size.

I have many pairs of black skinny jeans/pants. I buy them as I like wearing them and have decided they are office appropriate, which is less relevant during COVID.

I often joke that I have the wardrobe for the life I wish I had, someone permanently on vacation in a warm climate in need of countless sundresses, rather than an office worker in Toronto Canada.

Skirts. They are comfortable in hot weather. They can be dressy and they can be casual.

slouchy tshirts, because i feel most like myself and they are comfy

Black clothes because I love the color black, it can be gothic. Skirts are cute and I like the pencil skirt look more, flowy ones look strange.

Leather bags in tan
Totes bucket bags in tan leather
Good quality items
No prints

navy blue button down shirts -- because formal clothing tends to last and is in decent condition at the thrift store.

black turtlenecks. i decided once that i look better in them than anything else and never went back. makes me feel like a comfy philosopher. sometimes i buy them in navy.

I keep buying stiped boatneck (Breton) tops, and black boatneck sweaters. There's just not enough boatneck tops/dresses/sweaters out there, so when I come across one, I tend to get it - just in case. Maybe I need to get over that scarcity mindset, but have come to regret not getting certain items over the years. Crew neck just does NOT look as good on me! Of course, that means that I sometimes end up getting things just because they are boatneck, and they aren't really that great for me.
I've realised I probably don't need any more Breton tops, until I wear out the ones I've got... but I find myself looking at the stripey fabrics whenever I go into a thrift (or other) store.
I also have multiple cashmere/yak/pashmina type scarves in black. I'm always looking for the perfect one, and thinking when I find it I can get rid of the rest. They are all different weights and levels of fluffiness, so I haven't been able to minimise them yet...

I have a growing collection of bomber jackets. I like wearing layers. Ever since I started buying bomber jackets I noticed that the designs I find on them seem more interesting than the designs of any other article of clothing there is, although I'm sure that's just my bias.

PRINTS! I definitely have a soft spot for any clothing item with prints (mostly floral). I barely have any clothing item with a plain colour.
I guess that's because prints can fit anywhere for me. My way of dressing up keeps changing based on my mood. But I know a technique (I would rather call this some kind of talent haha) to be able to fit in printed cloth items into any kind of fashion wear such as in sports wear, chic wear etc.

Denim, denim, denim. It has gotten more beautiful and more sustainably created than ever before.

I have multiples of the same aerie bra, which is kind of crazy. They have this 'real me' unlined bra that I have probably 8 of. It's my favorite bra and I wear it every day. It's so comfortable, and it gives me natural shape. I have become really anti-padding in my bras over the past decade. I'm terrified that they are discontinuing it and I might order a bunch more right now.

I have a black turtleneck and a green one. They are great and go with everything. I love turtlenecks.

Because I never got tired of shopping specially clothes

I bought a shirt again after I lost it because I liked it so much but I do not have any duplicate clothing.

Yes, basic items like tees and leggings. I keep buying them because they go with everything and are worn a lot

I have a lot of mom jeans in different colors. I like how comfortable they are and they make the outfit seem more retro, which is my current style.

I've mostly quit wearing bras, so I have an absolute TON of black camisoles and black thongs for my base layer. I've read that millennial women are driving lingerie retailers out of business with our preference for soft bralettes and such. I'm not remotely busty and it took me 30 years to realize I didn't need a "good bra."

I collect ankle booties with a block heel and real clogs.
I like wearing bold pants, so I've got an absolute ton of simple black tees and sweaters for pairing.

Finally, I'm amassing quite a collection of statement jackets--camo jackets, windbreakers, moto jackets. I couldn't be happier about that!

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