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9. Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple? Why do you think you keep buying this thing?

I keep buying stiped boatneck (Breton) tops, and black boatneck sweaters. There's just not enough boatneck tops/dresses/sweaters out there, so when I come across one, I tend to get it - just in case. Maybe I need to get over that scarcity mindset, but have come to regret not getting certain items over the years. Crew neck just does NOT look as good on me! Of course, that means that I sometimes end up getting things just because they are boatneck, and they aren't really that great for me.
I've realised I probably don't need any more Breton tops, until I wear out the ones I've got... but I find myself looking at the stripey fabrics whenever I go into a thrift (or other) store.
I also have multiple cashmere/yak/pashmina type scarves in black. I'm always looking for the perfect one, and thinking when I find it I can get rid of the rest. They are all different weights and levels of fluffiness, so I haven't been able to minimise them yet...

I have a growing collection of bomber jackets. I like wearing layers. Ever since I started buying bomber jackets I noticed that the designs I find on them seem more interesting than the designs of any other article of clothing there is, although I'm sure that's just my bias.

PRINTS! I definitely have a soft spot for any clothing item with prints (mostly floral). I barely have any clothing item with a plain colour.
I guess that's because prints can fit anywhere for me. My way of dressing up keeps changing based on my mood. But I know a technique (I would rather call this some kind of talent haha) to be able to fit in printed cloth items into any kind of fashion wear such as in sports wear, chic wear etc.

Denim, denim, denim. It has gotten more beautiful and more sustainably created than ever before.

I have multiples of the same aerie bra, which is kind of crazy. They have this 'real me' unlined bra that I have probably 8 of. It's my favorite bra and I wear it every day. It's so comfortable, and it gives me natural shape. I have become really anti-padding in my bras over the past decade. I'm terrified that they are discontinuing it and I might order a bunch more right now.

I have a black turtleneck and a green one. They are great and go with everything. I love turtlenecks.

Because I never got tired of shopping specially clothes

I bought a shirt again after I lost it because I liked it so much but I do not have any duplicate clothing.

Yes, basic items like tees and leggings. I keep buying them because they go with everything and are worn a lot

I have a lot of mom jeans in different colors. I like how comfortable they are and they make the outfit seem more retro, which is my current style.

I've mostly quit wearing bras, so I have an absolute TON of black camisoles and black thongs for my base layer. I've read that millennial women are driving lingerie retailers out of business with our preference for soft bralettes and such. I'm not remotely busty and it took me 30 years to realize I didn't need a "good bra."

I collect ankle booties with a block heel and real clogs.
I like wearing bold pants, so I've got an absolute ton of simple black tees and sweaters for pairing.

Finally, I'm amassing quite a collection of statement jackets--camo jackets, windbreakers, moto jackets. I couldn't be happier about that!

If I buy something that fits well I will always buy it in multiple, because I have a disproportionately small waist and finding something that fits well is a blessing.

I can only think of my underwear. I have several identical pants - same Colour, same cut.

I have one dress that I have twice in a different print because the dress fits me perfectly and it's by my favourite local maker and it makes me feel amazing so now I can wear it both in black and green gingham depending on how I feel.

I have the same 'crop' top in 3 different colurs and if it were still in stock I would buy more colours because I just love the way they look, fit and feel.

I have multiple long-sleeved slightly ribbed jersey tops from River Island. They are incredibly soft and fantastic for layering. I wear them so much throughout the year that they get worn through fairly quickly, which is why I have back-ups. They're also pretty affordable and come in some nice basic colours.

mod o doc cotton long sleeve tees. own about 25. wear one almost every day


No, but I wish I did when things wear out. I have a lot of certain things, like sweaters.

Yes i cant live without skirts of a certain look and length. I cant get to many of them lol.

I keep buying overalls because I hope that I'll look less like a farmer one day.

black leather coats. I feel like I havent found the right one.. I keep trying. They are always second hand and oversize and from the 90s.

YES haha! I have reverted back to my inner childhood girl and I have a handful of white Hanes bikini undies and a handful of black Amazon bikini undies, in other words granny panties but I feel so comfortable and so beautiful in them. I feel natural and free and simple. I seem to feel in a way like Cameron Diaz in Charles Angels when she is dancing to music in her boy undies. I am learning to own up to how I feel beautiful and not how the pressure from "society" (goodness I hate that word) makes me feel like I should feel beautiful aka undies made from lace and some weird a** materials. Cotton granny panties all the way baby.

Jeans. Black, blue, faded, ripped, tomboy cut. Its ridiculous. I keep buying because I feel like each piece tells a different story when paired with another piece.

I have two pairs each of two styles of sandal and my favorite boot. I love them and they suit me and my crotchety feet, so I'll continue to turn to them.

I have many jumpsuits. I love the feel—it’s all of the best parts of a dress without the drawbacks. I can spread my legs as wide as I like, and ride a bike, and so many other things. I also own what feels like hundreds of jumpers or sweaters, whatever you like to call them. I’ll go through phases of which I enjoy wearing the most. I buy so many just because of how absolutely comfy they are.

probably comftable

Patterned dresses. Because dresses make an outfit and patterns are endless.

Girlfriend jeans from Gap. Can’t have enough but really can’t not wear the same pair every day of the week.
Also, when H&M has the purple, yellow, maroon, navy, green stripe socks. Can’t get over how they don’t still sell them.

I have multiples of almost every clothing item I own. I'm not sure why.

I have ten pairs of underwear, and I think we should all be jolly grateful that I do.

Straight white jeans. I have five pairs. They fit well and they fit with everything. In the summer I wear wide white linen trousers. I combine my white trousers with shirts, tunics, blazers and dresses. I look different every day - except for the white jeans. It my signature thing. For a couple of years I tried to alternate with other trousers, but then I remembered that I once had a colleague (male) who would only wear white, top and bottom. And that was fine. It was a bit weird of course, a guy dressed in white, but everybody was fine with it and he was actually respected - he was the chair of a board. So I thought: no more concessions to white trousers. To my surprise, I only got nice reactions. A (female) friend who recently picked me up at night in a dark and big city said lovingly: I recognised you by your jeans.

jeans- I feel comfortable in them...maybe too comfortable because I know they're not appropriate for every occasion

I don't buy anything in multiples; I like everything in my closet to be unique and have a unique purpose for being there.


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