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9. Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple? Why do you think you keep buying this thing?

I have lots of t-shirts with funny pictures or messages on them, just for the fun and laughs. I have a lot of cardigans and stuff that I can use to cover my fat arms.

J.Crew Long Sleeve Painter Tees and J.Crew 4" Chino Shorts in all colors. Simple. Easy to throw on. Easy to dress up and dress down. Jack Rogers Sandals (either Platinum or White) because I buy a pair and within the year, they are so broken in and dirty that I insist on getting a clean pair.


Leggings. They're really comfortable and cute, and they go with everything.

If I like the fit of an item of clothing, I will buy the same item in a different color or with a different pattern. I do this because it makes sense—I already know I like the way I look in it. Also, I own and wear cardigans in many different colors because I am a little bit cold all of the time.

leggings. because some of the pairs get worn out or you dont realize that they are see through.

Underwear, i'm a very lazy girl and hate shopping so i usually buy these item in multiple, so i got a lot on rotation for a while and i just had to buy underwear like once or twice a year. The only thing i try to put fancy on, is the colors.

I have loads and load of pairs of sparkly socks and socks in general. I like my socks to match my outfit - they shouldn’t just be something that is forgotten about. And they can make you feel so comfy and cosy too. I’m also interested in the importance of socks to men’s clothing and style - men in smart suits, business uniform, often have on jazzy socks and ties, and I love that little touch of non-conformity peeking out from the bottom of their trouser legs.

I have alot of double breasted coats, because the style fits me and i like how they look opened up. I am a fan of linen tees, for their feel, durability and look. Cashmere sweaters is another classic i can't get enough of. They need tons of taking care of, but are worth it with their comfortability.

Clothes I have in mutipules or similar:
long double breasted coats
linen tees
silk shirts
cashmere sweater
merino wool v neck sweater
long cardigans in wool
black skinny jeans
black boots (in different heels and shapes)
black sneakers/ trainers from Nike
wool scarves
leather gloves( 1 pair gloves, 1 pair mittens)
cashmere beanies ( two black)

Everything listed is things i actually need two or more of for my day to day. It gets quite cold where i like, so layering is necessary.

I have so many pairs of white pants... I used to be afraid to wear them but now I own several different shapes and styles as I think they look good on me.
I also own many pairs of sneakers for practicality's sake (and because my taste in sneakers is subject to change.)

Most of my tees..I really like hello kitty so I tend to buy the same tees so that I could wear the same thing just not twice

Cardigans, lots of colours, unsure why I keep buying

Striped shirts! I have lots of shirts with stripes, I think I buy them so much because they are such a versatile item, I can always find a place in my wardrobe for a striped shirt!

I have a lot of tight black leggings, ripped black tights, black boots, and black long sleeve shirts. I buy them a lot because they are my wardrobe staples and go with almost everything.

black t-shirts
because they are so versatile and look so good

Sarees ;they r my passion

My closet is crammed with tops. In the winter, I wear jeans and leggings and the summer I wear capris.

I’ll always buy cool t-shirts. I like to stick with t-shirts of bands or musicians I love, magazines I love, designers I love, or even just a random cool t-shirt that uses colors and shapes really well and all attracts my eye. I’ll also never stop buying crew socks, because those are my favorite choice of sock to wear. Screw those dinky ankle things, those don’t do anything for you. I’m also addicted to buying jackets and blazers—basically anything resembling a jacket that you can wear to accompany a cool shirt underneath. I actually feel overwhelmed right now with the number of light jackets/outerwear finds I have...there are too many choices. I think I keep buying all of these things because of how faithful they are to me and how important they are in my daily basis life. They work for me and they help me achieve however I want to look. And I just love them, and you always go back to what you love.

I have many "v" neck t-shirts and "v" neck sweaters. I am short and I feel this helps to make me appear taller.

Black singlets.
Black dresses.
Because they're great staples for any wardrobe (singlets especially for travelling).

Many of my items are in multiple - because of the need for simplicity and a uniform and control. I worry about running out of something I love and is 'perfect'. Or not having the right clothes for the occasion. I didn't have many clothes as a child and was an incredibly physically awkward teenager and young adult.

Multiple examples are:
Tod's loafers - several colour ways, multiples of each colour way.
Wolford Cordoba t shirts - I'd like them all to be white but I have other colours so that I can be in one colour head to toe.
(Toast) dungarees - my at home uniform
Margaret Howell trousers - 3 identical pairs
Work skirts - I always buy 2 of the same if I think I've found the 'perfect' one.

fall foxy, and blushing soft outfits

Tanks tops and camisoles because a layered look works for me

Dresses. Tons of dresses.
I think it reinforces my essence, makes me feel good and free and cover my tummy and wide hips.

Striped tops. I don't know why! I love them I guess, and they always work well, but it is as if I forget how many I have.

Loose, baggy dresses! I'm really into wearing them with tights and boots, so I'm trying to just get them in every color and make it my Look.

I have many Topshop black skinny jeans. They fit the best and I love them. I have so many because I wear them all to death.

Striped shirts! They're the only alternative to solids!

maybe because I live in a city of rain and fast changing weather.

black pencil skirts.
maybe because they are so great

Oh, lord. I have so, so many V-neck t-shirts. Many of which are black or grey. I try to branch out and buy tops that have more character or originality, but I just always wind up with more of the same. I think it's because I don't have much time or patience to sort through thrift stores (where quirky shirts can be found, I reckon) and I just want a new shirt.

hmm, black skirts. I have three (knee-length pleated, pencil, and yoga) because they're extremely classic. also, I have two black dresses, & they are definitely favorites in my wardrobe.

I tend to buy very good quality socks and have way more pairs than I need. Also my family knows I like good hiking socks and have tended to rely on that as a go to gift item for me.

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