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13. Have you stolen, borrowed or adapted any dressing ideas or actual items from friends or family?

I kept stealing my bf's boxer briefs, and he got annoyed, so eventually I just sprang for amazing comfy boxer briefs cut for women. Never going back!

Oh without a doubt. My cousins are some of the most fashionable people that I’ve ever met, and I try to embody them sometimes. It’s inspired my passion for platforms and chunky shoes as an alternative to heels.


Only during high-school and college. Regretted it deeply.

Grandmother yes. Tank button downs

I haven't stolen any, but I have kept tops my friends have left at my house.

Not that I can recall, though my sister would definitely take my clothes, especially after I turned eighteen and had my fashion update.


I steal ideas from my roommate/best friend all the time: what silhouettes to wear, headwear, where to get inspiration from, etc.

yes, i went from color to black to color again

No I never do that.

Absolutely not! Most often, people copy me!


yes. i have actual items from past relationships. i copy ideas all the time from the online sewing community.

Almost all my dressing ideas have been stolen/borrowed/adapted from friends and family haha - they're my greatest influence! I love looking at the things my mum and her sisters used to wear when they were my age, and like I said before about being in an art school - everyone looks so damn cool all the time, the first thing I did when I was at uni was to go shopping for things that I can wear to feel just as cool and on trend as my peers.

I had the favorite plaid men's shirt I stole from college boyfriend for many years. I wore it out.
What cracks me up now is watching my teen son wear my high school friend's cross country t shirt, that I stole from him, 40 years later, to his cross country meets.

i tend to swap and share a lot of clothing with my sister, like most sisters do.

I exchange clothes with my roommates once in a while. And it is one of my roommates who encourages me to buy clothes second-hand.

I borrowed mom's clothes when I was teen. I must have also adapted things, just can't remember now any.

When I first started dating my partner, we played a lot of golf and he, and his family for that matter, wear a lot of polo shirts and casual button downs. Due to this I started wearing those on a regular basis. Also, because his family is wealthier I also felt the need to dress nicer which meant I have a lot of semi-formal dresses in my closet.

I have an older sister and love/ treat her closet like an extension of my own.

I have several earrings of hers - including a pair of emeralds that she does not seem to be missing, ha!

My close friends and I sometimes give each other clothes that we admire on the other. I have an over sized green kimono from a good friend and a silk scarf from another.

oh my gosh yes

of course. the sneakers thing from melina (best friend)

I follow a fashion blogger and bought a red skirt from her, once. I never wear it. But the idea was there? I like looking up 50's era clothes and rockabilly fashions online. My friend Stephanie started wearing high waisted jeans in college and then all our friends bought them. We were all supportive and happy for each other, though. That was a perfect tip for what I like to wear now.

Reliqiues if grandma. I admire my grandma concerning Fashion. She married in a Black Sammet-dress

not a theif thankyou

I literally steal from my mum's wardrobe all the time, but she has cool style, so it's all good.

A couple of years ago I bought the exact same shirt that my sister had bought. The shirt was a loose fitting black shirt covered in large pink roses with green leaves. Both of us took out the shoulder pads. The shirt has these big drapey sleeves. I loved the shirt and when I saw it for sale online I immediately bought it. I told my sister I had, and justified it on the basis that it didn't matter because we don't live in the same city. When my sister first saw me wearing the shirt she decided that it suited me a lot more than it suited her - in fact, she conceded that when she bought the shirt she thought it was a shirt that I would love and look good in.

I have raided my mothers closet on many occasions.

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