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13. Have you stolen, borrowed or adapted any dressing ideas or actual items from friends or family?

I borrowed mom's clothes when I was teen. I must have also adapted things, just can't remember now any.

When I first started dating my partner, we played a lot of golf and he, and his family for that matter, wear a lot of polo shirts and casual button downs. Due to this I started wearing those on a regular basis. Also, because his family is wealthier I also felt the need to dress nicer which meant I have a lot of semi-formal dresses in my closet.

I have an older sister and love/ treat her closet like an extension of my own.

I have several earrings of hers - including a pair of emeralds that she does not seem to be missing, ha!

My close friends and I sometimes give each other clothes that we admire on the other. I have an over sized green kimono from a good friend and a silk scarf from another.

oh my gosh yes

of course. the sneakers thing from melina (best friend)

I follow a fashion blogger and bought a red skirt from her, once. I never wear it. But the idea was there? I like looking up 50's era clothes and rockabilly fashions online. My friend Stephanie started wearing high waisted jeans in college and then all our friends bought them. We were all supportive and happy for each other, though. That was a perfect tip for what I like to wear now.

Reliqiues if grandma. I admire my grandma concerning Fashion. She married in a Black Sammet-dress

not a theif thankyou

I literally steal from my mum's wardrobe all the time, but she has cool style, so it's all good.

A couple of years ago I bought the exact same shirt that my sister had bought. The shirt was a loose fitting black shirt covered in large pink roses with green leaves. Both of us took out the shoulder pads. The shirt has these big drapey sleeves. I loved the shirt and when I saw it for sale online I immediately bought it. I told my sister I had, and justified it on the basis that it didn't matter because we don't live in the same city. When my sister first saw me wearing the shirt she decided that it suited me a lot more than it suited her - in fact, she conceded that when she bought the shirt she thought it was a shirt that I would love and look good in.

I have raided my mothers closet on many occasions.

I have and it has never worked for me. I just look silly.

I regularly borrow clothing from my sisters but we tend to wear them very differently. I do have a couple of very well-dressed friends and sometimes I'll get new ideas when it comes to colour pairings, but that's about it.

I only steal my brother's shirts sometimes because they make good pajamas ahahaha I'm more likely to take inspiration from things and people that casually pass by and I never really steal/borrow the exact ideas.

Sure! I have seen friends turn an otherwise average outfit into something unique by adding a little bit of polish -- buttoning a shirt up to the neck or adding dainty cap-toe, low-heel flats -- or, similarly, by toughening the look up a little bit -- wearing a white tee and jeans, but the shoulder is ripped on the tee, or there's a raw hem on a pair of trousers. I like things that are almost what you expect, but a little different.

Yes. When I was 18 I borrowed a pair of shorts and a tiny short sleeved black sweater from my step mom. My step mom was a stunner when she was young, and had wonderful clothes that fit my twin sister and I even tho our step mom was 5 inches taller.

I borrowed her shorts all the time and can't remember what happened to them. I do remember what happened to the sweater. I gave it back to her covered in cat hair and all pilled. She was furious and I was a little shit--totally non-contrite. I said something shitty like, "well you should have known better than to loan it to me!" I was a jerk, and I regret it to this day. I think I apologized about it years later, and by then she had forgotten about it.

I've borrowed/stolen many of my mother's rings.

I took a lot of my grandmother's bags and purses from when she was young. I love them!

Not that I'm aware of.

Yes. I have stolen and borrowed clothing from my mom, dad, brother, and multiple boyfriends. That's the best stuff.

When my great-grandmother was moving to a retirement home she let me take her skirts because she wasn't going to wear them anymore.

Not that I can recall.

Not knowingly. Maybe through osmosis.

Probably as a teenager. Now on a regular basis i got the "too big stuff" from my mother that i HATE, because it's always tiny for me and/or awful to wear. Clearly i'm the garbage for clothes, which come form the pity and misunderstanding of why i don't make any effort to look like trends tell us so or my mom want.

My mum and I have shared a cardigan for about 15 years now. Its a pale blue, wrap round, ballet style cardigan. I didn’t like it when she bought it - I was really young maybe about 9 or 10 and gave her a scathing review when she brought it home from the shops. When I was in my early teens, I started wearing it and it became one of my favourites. It’s her’s again now and apart from one little hole, its still going strong.

No dressing ideas, but my mum has given me her old clothes and accessories. Mulberry bags and belts, a black blazer from Max Mara, a cool used weekend bag. I have borrowed my dads sunglasses from the eighties for a year of two and a watch that broke.

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