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13. Have you stolen, borrowed or adapted any dressing ideas or actual items from friends or family?

Not that I can recall.

Not knowingly. Maybe through osmosis.

Probably as a teenager. Now on a regular basis i got the "too big stuff" from my mother that i HATE, because it's always tiny for me and/or awful to wear. Clearly i'm the garbage for clothes, which come form the pity and misunderstanding of why i don't make any effort to look like trends tell us so or my mom want.

My mum and I have shared a cardigan for about 15 years now. Its a pale blue, wrap round, ballet style cardigan. I didn’t like it when she bought it - I was really young maybe about 9 or 10 and gave her a scathing review when she brought it home from the shops. When I was in my early teens, I started wearing it and it became one of my favourites. It’s her’s again now and apart from one little hole, its still going strong.

No dressing ideas, but my mum has given me her old clothes and accessories. Mulberry bags and belts, a black blazer from Max Mara, a cool used weekend bag. I have borrowed my dads sunglasses from the eighties for a year of two and a watch that broke.

Yes, of course. I feel like everyone does this whether or not they are aware of it.
I have not borrowed ideas from family, but friends definitely have influenced some of the choices I make.

Most of my aunt's clothes coz she's also into vintage but mostly into classy

A friend made me a 1940's blouse from an original pattern that she had made for herself, divine

Bringing back flannels is the big one, I have definitely participated in that trend due to my friends.

I have stolen a lot of big warm sweaters from my mom and fluffy white gym socks from my dad.

i've stolen many old items from all the family members.

Constantly, I have very stylish friends and my sister is my fashion hero


No. Others borrow from me.

Oh yaaaasss. My eyes weren’t fully opened to how valuable my mom’s closet was until I was graduating high school and moving off to college. We would share clothes sometimes, but it was usually just things like sweaters and shoes and the occasional cute top. I’ve stolen some stuff from her closet and I keep them hostage here with me so I can wear them, because the pieces I found are so great and she never wears that justifies me having them. I let her know that I took stuff, and she’ll give me a little shit but she really doesn’t care. Sometimes we’ll exchange clothes now, it’s funny. When I met my freshman year roommate Emily—who’s still my roommate, and the absolute love of my life best living partner ever—she introduced me to Doc Marten boots and wearing dresses and skirts as everyday clothing, and my life has never been the same. Seriously. I don’t even think Emily realizes that, I should tell her.

Not really.

I 'stole' a motorcycle gang t-shirt from my then boyfriend's mum. I grabbed it from her dress up box for a party and then told her I didn't want to give it back... she was cool with it!
Otherwise I'm pretty good with giving stuff back, because that's how I'd want other people to behave towards me!

Not much. Even as a student I dressed differently. I attracted attention unintentionally because I looked like a secretary. A few years later, my partner said I looked like a librarian.

My sister had more confidence than me about clothes when she was younger (the roles have reversed) and so I did borrow some of her stuff, but she repaid the compliment in spades.

Big sister

All the time.

Yes! My favorite sweater currently is a "long-term borrow" from a dear friend. Ooh, and a really cute flowy tank top I wear to concerts, from the same friend. And I've gotten into loose dresses and Blundstone boots from my Israeli friends.

I always steal my younger sisters clothing. It's nice to feel like you have an abundance of outfit choices sometimes. If only...

I started emulating my Dad's style and wearing his clothes in high school. I'd wear his torn up Levi's with his old B-52's shirt with a soft cardigan and lots of bracelets. I believe I represented the final vestiges of the grunge era in the Seattle suburbs.

A co-worker. We worked in a used clothing store together. I loved her palette of light-colored neutrals and her elegant casual tee shirts.

No, not at all! I love my family but we're perpetually informal and fashion-bereft. I will say, however, that my mother was a bit of an outlier, and has always instilled in me the belief that one should look their best whenever they can.

I've taken most of my fashion queues from friends at my first job. They were the first set of friends I had who shared the same beliefs and ambitions with me. We were all gainfully employed, as well, and I realized I need to step up my game. I frequently incorporated their looks into my style.

Definitely. For years now I've shared clothes with my two older sisters (four & two years older) and even my mom... While we've always had our own wardrobes, we rarely go out of the house without a sister's scarf or shirt or jacket.

My mom, two younger sisters (two and four years younger,) and I all wear the same shoe size so we're always sharing shoes.

When my friends are throwing clothes out I often take them even if I don't think I'll wear them, just because it seems like a good opportunity for free clothes which I don't want to turn down. Also I think you can't help but exchange dressing patterns with your friends. When I was in college my two friends and I started looking comically similar. There was one day when two of us turned up in the exact same outfit, head to toe.

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