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13. Have you stolen, borrowed or adapted any dressing ideas or actual items from friends or family?

no, I think we all have different styles.

I really love hair metal hair beads but feel silly for wanting to wear them.

I don’t remember who it came from but I “stole” the “cardigan as shirt” look. I love a form fitting cardigan.

In high school I liked to wear the tuxedo shirt and cuff links my father was married in. I wore my grandfather’s silk cravats and cardigans.

I'm definitely influenced by others. I have a friend who is a beast at jewelry, she always looks so adorned. I am not into jewelry at all, primarily because I couldn't afford good quality for so long. She taught me that jewelry really does elevate an outfit. Now I try to do it in a way that works for my sensibility.

Nah they usually rip me off lol.

No I am pretty much just me and dress in what I like and feel good in

I stole everything from my cousin's wife.

Yes. I'll try something out that someone else inspired, and I'm pretty sure I've borrowed plenty of people's clothes over the years.

Yes. Many ideas and items from one of my friends who has a great sense of fashion

yes , sneakers for exercise , t-shirts with comfortable feelings. polyester blouse shirts and tank tops that i like.

I followed tips according to my mom. I like to wear interesting discarded items of family members, that also inspires me to style them, and I don't have to shop that often(I hate shopping).



I think I started wearing cardigans because my daughter looked nice in them.

not really

I think a mix and match from everyone and making my own style out if it. Of course, I have to look put together.

Every wedding outfit.

in high school: my mom's leather pencil skirt, some of her 'mom jeans,' her and my dad's chunky sweaters. a thermal turtleneck i wore almost daily.

i still wear the sweaters often, and a pair of her platform sandals sometimes.

I permanently borrowed a 'Lion' cotton knit top mum bought in a thrift store in the early 1980s... It's a great basic.
I also have a few wool beanies and sweaters that my great-aunt knitted for her when I was a baby.
I started wearing Birkenstocks (which I had watched some friends wearing for years) and realised that they are amazing. I pretty much live in them in summer now.

The only time I can think of anything like this happening is with a former friend who loved berets. I had never seen anyone else wear them so casually and pull them off so well. She kept different colors to coordinate with her outfits. I don't know if I'd call this stealing because I had already owned a beret as a gift before I met her, but I never considered wearing it until I saw her in them. I never did end up wearing it in public though, which is probably for the best.

No. I have always wanted to be my own person, in body, mind and spirit . . . clothing included.

All the women in my family tend to wear stripes.

My aunt has a crazy eclectic style - colorful and whimsical yet pulled together. As I grow up I have gravitated more towards her look. She just gets it.

I steal whatever's left from my mother's 1980s incredible closet. We are not into fashion, but we are into beautiful, timeless pieces

Yes a lot I've been adapted my dressing up often through my best friend and family

I copied the way my cousins dressed when I was younger because I looked up to them.

Yes, I went through my sister's closet so many times in high school and borrowed dresses, shirts, etc.

My sister is two years younger than myself, and we've mutually influenced each other.
We certainly stole many clothing items from each other. She's always been quite athletic and she's taught me how to wear sportswear and athletic shoes.
I've taught her the fine art of kimonos and big hair.

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