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16. Please describe your body.

I am a white, 23 year old British female. I have pale skin that I try and fake tan as much as often, though not too much. I am 5 ft 7 and have an hour-glass figure. I have a 38C chest and sometimes I'm a size 12 in trousers, but often I'm a size 16. I am technically a size 14, but wish there was such a thing as a size 13. I have hazel eyes and dyed-auburn hair that's very long. I have chubby arms which really annoy me and a bump in my nose that I've learnt to love. I have full lips and great skin, most of the time. I have a belly button piercing that I love and three tattoos - one on my top back, one on my right foot and one on my right wrist. I have size 7 feet that are flat and I have to wear orthotics in my shoes, which means I hardly ever wear strappy heels. I love my body, but almost every day wish I didn't love food so much.

Muscular legs, defined-yet-narrow hips, narrow ribcage, medium large breasts, narrow shoulders, thin arms, small hands.

I'm taller than average, slender, and well-proportioned. Nothing too big, nothing too small. I'm very happy with my body, even with my stretch marks and cellulite and the pasty paleness of my skin.

A friend of mine who had a baby at the same time as I did described her body, after, as being "useful". I love that. My body is useful now.

Too often, my body is an opponent. I was a thin child, a chubby teenager, and an anorexic young adult. Now, at 27, I am athletic, but despite being at the lower end of my ideal BMI spectrum, I feel soft, thick. I will never have the waifish body I sometimes yearn for. I have an hourglass shape, golden skin, dark hair. Sometimes, I feel utterly, terrifyingly perfect.

petite, large chest, bigish belly, flat butt. trying not to hate on self.

I have short red hair and blue eyes. I have an oval face, I am 5 ft 7 inches tall, and have size 10 feet. I have broad-er shoulders and large breasts. My hips are large and curvy, my waist is about 31 inches around (if my jeans are correct). I have freckles all over my arms, but nowhere else. I have a lot of hair on my arms, but it's blonde so it's hard to see. I have scars on my back, and and moles on my legs. I have two tattoos, one on my wrist and one larger rose on my ribs.

5'9". Thick hourglass. 34FF. Long torso, shorter legs.

I'm tall and have plenty of curves. Some aren't where I'd like them to be, like my stomach.

I'm tall-ish (5'7) and thin with long limbs. I have little curves, but at least I have them!

Lush. Creamy. Hourglassed. Paddle-footed.

I'm 5'3" and weigh around 90 pounds (slightly anorexic, but dealing with it. Hopefully). No boobs to speak of, which I'm mostly okay with nowadays. I like the option of androgyny, but sometimes I want to look more femme.

Big butt, small waist and small boobs but it all works out. I guess that is an "apple" but I hate those fruit metaphors.

34 years old, somewhat athletic build with a tummy. I have great legs.

athletic. womanly. capable.

short, petite, small butt. tummy pouch. nice legs. decent breasts.

Kind of athletic (I like my shoulders), but going to seed.

I am 5'7, weigh 7 1/2 stone and am of medium to slim build. I have quite a small frame but long legs and arms and a short torso. Small breasts, small waist and a larger bum and thighs. Very small feet and hands for my height.

Height: 5'2"
Measurements: 38, 29, 44
So basically I'm small and sensuously curvy.
I stand tall though and many people don't believe how short I am, I often have men and women who are over 5'7" think that I'm taller than them!!
My hair is really, really long and sooo thick. It's a multitude of blondes, browns and greys.

I am very tall, with little curves. My stomach is flat, & so is my butt. My boobs are average.

I'm short. I have average sized breasts and a larger than average booty. I'm pale and have shoulder length hair (which is supposed to be brown but is currently pink). I've always been a little self-conscious of my legs (which aren't the willowy, knobby legs of every other girl in my family) and used to avoid shorts bc of this. Sometime in the past two years I stopped caring as much. I have some freckles on my nose and face.

tall, thin, flat.

Not Beyonce's. Unfortunately. Excuse me while I cry.

Average height to short, english rose kind of skin, big soft breasts, round hips and thighs, small calves (I usually say my legs look like a horse's legs, very big on the thighs and very small on the calves), tiny ankles and wrists, short neck, round belly, small waist, blond copperish hair.

I have broad shoulders, smalls boobs, a pretty skinny waist, hips, a butt, and muscular legs from dancing and running. Overall I'm pretty proud of it because it's definitely a manifestation of all the dancing and running I've done, which both really helped define me.

Tall, slender, not super thin, very tall, carved shoulders, long legs

I'm 6'1 and slender, but strong. I don't have much extra weight so I'm cold a lot. I have a big butt, strong legs, and small breasts. I'm very bony.

mido 1.56 morena, pelo largo enrulado, abuelos vasco-italiano - español ..mis padres argentinos, curvilinea al estilo sofía loren muy italiana..

I'm small. I am four feet, eleven inches. I think I have big breasts but I am told they are not all that big by my friends. I have long, graceful fingers. I broke one once and the doctor in the emergency asked me if I was a pianist. I liked the idea that the way a part of the body was shaped, could be life-determining or could tell a story you never imagined for yourself.

Gorgeous! I'm symmetrical.

I'm a full figured young woman.

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