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16. Please describe your body.

This one is hard. Short. 5' 3. I have a small frame but I gain weight easily. My weight fluctuates a lot. I have a lame posture genetically but I work on it. I have natural blonde hair. Freckles. Tan skin in the summer, but not too tan (I think I am German). I have decent size boobs.. haha. I think I am hour glass shape? I have a red birthmark in the shape of a sideways heart on my left cheek and it goes down onto my neck and even my tongue and left ear. I think thats it.

I am about 5'4, with a slight hour glass shape and squared shoulders.


I have big shoulders that are made even larger because I enjoy swimming, boxing, and lifting weights. My arms aren’t too bad either. I have strong legs, with sizeable quads and toned calves. My torso is sturdy.

36c-d boobs thin belly and curvey butt

Hourglass with a bigger belly.

Small, Athletic. Dancer, Pilates.

I am almost a perfect hourglass, but my chest is just slightly smaller than my hips. I have a thin waist, but thick thighs, and my arms are a little larger than I would like. My legs are very short and my arms are fairly long. I lost a lot of weight at once, so I do have some loose skin on my belly. My skin is pale and my hair is dark, so despite not having much body hair, it is all very visible.

"Rubinesque" is my new favorite way to describe the brand of chubby I am. It's just hilarious. Thank you, Ready Player One. Thank you.

Well... it's okay, really. There is so much to say about one's body. Each scar has a story. There are things you love and things you're not so happy with. There are things to say about getting older and how to deal with that. There are opinions of what a woman should look like, of the ideal posture, the ideal hair. Books could be filled with answers to this question. So just very briefly:
I love my feet.
I love the colour of my eyes.
I love my neck.
I love the lining of my back.
I love my slender waist.
I'm okay with the rest. I'm okay with the scarred tissue on my right leg. I'm okay with my voluminous bottom. I'm okay with my breast reconstruction after breast cancer. I'm okay with my wrinkles.
I only wished I had thicker hair. And I wished I was less myopic. But I'm okay with that too.

I'm of medium height and build. I have a beautiful long-ish neck. I have scars and uneven skin tone all over my body. I have a bigger tummy than desirable and my tits and legs are okay.

Tall, I'm 5'11.'' Curvy, but more in an hourglass way than a pear-shaped way. Not petite in the slightest but still thin? It's in a weird spot between just being big in general but also thinner proportionally.


It is thin and normal.

6' 0" tall, thin, flat chested, small butt, no waistline, rather androgynous. I'm perfectly accepting of my body even though I have worn eyeglasses since the age of five.

I am a size 18 now and hope to loose more weight. I am 5'4" and glad I have lost a lot of weight. It feels good and I hope to loose more.

Smallish boobs, curvy waist, thick thighs, flat stomach, size 8, pretty big bum.

tall, statuesque, curves of a goddess. extremely curvy, very female shape and proportions.

I'm fairly tall (about 5'7"?) and kind of curvy I guess. I have a bum and boobs which means I also have thighs and a bit of a tummy too (because it's difficult to have one without the other right?).

Box like. Sturdy. My father once made a sad comment "It's too bad about your legs" (I have always had joint issues, hip dysplasia from birth) and I took that to heart for a decade or two. He meant well. I got over it; they work well enough.
I have been gifted with a booty of staying power. I dress it up more than I did as a kid.

a large hourglass shape. like a week-long timer, when a regular hourglass is only 1 minute long.

Plain. 161cm, 47kg. Just plain.

Tall, normal weight.

I am of medium/athletic build, currently with a little bit of extra weight around the mid section due to pesky hormones.

Hour glass chubby booby.

Curvy! Hourglassy when toned and fit - big smile, curves, smaller waist, bigger hips. I like my arms and shoulders, they are fit from boxing.

I have to work out regularly and watch what I eat to keep my shape. If I am undisciplined, I will turn into an unsexy blob.

inverted T - too broad in the shoulders, too narrow in the hips - just altogether too tomboyish and I dont like it

lean, kind of fit.

I am a medium curvy. I carry some weight in my midsection and upper arms. I have a round face and have a bit of fat under my chin. I have short wavy black hair with bangs. I have thin and defined legs and small to medium sized feet. I am white but get a surprising amount of color in the summer given my pale in the winter months. I have brown eyes and long fingers that bend naturally when I am at ease.I flush easily.

My body is strong and brown and square. I have small boobs, a tummy, big upper thighs, small lower thighs, a small ass and medium sized arms. My body is a retired dancer's body.

Small but with mussels. Sporty. Thin but not skinny. Beweglich, in movement, seldom still.
Depending in my neighbour i can look like a Small Boy or a woman.

A little curvy everywhere except the hips and butt, which is just about the only place I want to be curvy! I do have a tummy and thighs, and I wear an E cup at age 14.

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