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16. Please describe your body.

Tall, normal weight.

I am of medium/athletic build, currently with a little bit of extra weight around the mid section due to pesky hormones.

Hour glass chubby booby.

Curvy! Hourglassy when toned and fit - big smile, curves, smaller waist, bigger hips. I like my arms and shoulders, they are fit from boxing.

I have to work out regularly and watch what I eat to keep my shape. If I am undisciplined, I will turn into an unsexy blob.

inverted T - too broad in the shoulders, too narrow in the hips - just altogether too tomboyish and I dont like it

lean, kind of fit.

I am a medium curvy. I carry some weight in my midsection and upper arms. I have a round face and have a bit of fat under my chin. I have short wavy black hair with bangs. I have thin and defined legs and small to medium sized feet. I am white but get a surprising amount of color in the summer given my pale in the winter months. I have brown eyes and long fingers that bend naturally when I am at ease.I flush easily.

My body is strong and brown and square. I have small boobs, a tummy, big upper thighs, small lower thighs, a small ass and medium sized arms. My body is a retired dancer's body.

Small but with mussels. Sporty. Thin but not skinny. Beweglich, in movement, seldom still.
Depending in my neighbour i can look like a Small Boy or a woman.

A little curvy everywhere except the hips and butt, which is just about the only place I want to be curvy! I do have a tummy and thighs, and I wear an E cup at age 14.

I am reasonably short. I am not stick thin. I have a big round belly - but I'm more accepting of that now than I used to be. I love to cook and eat and drink, so I figure that if that's what I'm into I have to accept the fact that I will always have a happy looking belly. I have curly hair that I have grown to love the older I have got. I recently cut it short and it lost a lot of its curl. I'm growing it out again. I have much better skin now than I did when I was a teenager. As a teenager I had terrible acne and was on medication for it. Now people often comment on how amazing my skin is. My body is often a bit unkempt - my eyebrows often look scruffy, my toenails are ugly and often overgrown because they're claw-like and difficult to cut by myself, and my legs are typically unshaven purely out of laziness in the winter! I like my body a lot more now than I did about 4 years ago. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that my boyfriend tells me how beautiful I am everyday, even when my legs are hairy and eyebrows are going haywire!

Athletic, tall, proportional body with muscular thighs.

Pear shaped

Athletic, fit, no complaints.

I'm tall, broad in the shoulders and hips, and have long limbs.

Beautiful. Thin and pale with little imperfections but they only make it more unique.

I'm short and my body is chill it functions and gets me places and lately I've been active and my body is sore and it feels good. I'm skinny by all accounts but I'm also very short and my legs are not pencils and pants are always too tight and too long.


I'm 5'4" and 120-125 lbs. Very average. I was a dancer/gymnast/cheerleader/circus aficionado all the way through high school, so I am somewhat athletic in build. I got guns, a booty, and leg muscles. But, I am definitely still soft. Pretty good-sized chest and a fairly small waist. Sometimes I wear petites sizes because they fit a little better, but am a standard size 0-4 in most things (depending on the brand). My square shoulders and muscular arms make me appear more statuesque than I actually am. I think I'm knock-kneed, but my friends think I'm insane.

I am petite, thin but curvy. I have a very short waist where my ribs end and less than an inch later my hip bone starts. Finding dresses that fit in the torso is nearly impossible because the top half of most dresses are too long and bag out. I wear a lot of separates.

I have long thin legs and thin forearms. These are my favorite features.

Thin neck, blonde-red hair, soft belly, thick thighs and ass, perky tits.

I'm 165 cm tall, so medium height.
I wear size S/M for tops and 42 for bottoms.
I'm not fat but I have strong legs. My waist is quite narrow.

I'm petite (for a Dutch girl)/XS/34, fit. Long legs and arms compared to the rest. Small tits but quite a bum (for a Dutch girl). It's more hairy that I'd like it to be. But it's nice, it's a nice body.
(slightly) Tight clothing looks better on my that wide clothing. Long dresses make me look like a leprechaun.

Thick and thin, long and short, straight and curved: a delight of contrasts.

I love my body but I also find it hard to stay in my body and feel good about it.

I stand at 5'1 and I'm overweight, I'm still able to buy clothes at regular shops but I'm running out of options. I have big hips, hanging boobs and a hanging tummy. I also have a lot of stretch marks.

5'8". Bigger hips, thighs, and calves attributed to years of playing ice hockey. My stomach is my problem area that I want to constantly cover. Small boobs (36B). Shoulders and collarbone are my favorite asset to show off, but I hate my upper arms (I used to NEVER wear tank tops, but have slowly gotten over that).

Petit, big boobs, hourglass figure.

Right on the healthy side of underweight. Tall and thin (about 5'6 and 60 kilos, I think)

5’5”, small frame, dark skin. Round, symmetrical face; full cheeks. Large-eyes—dark brown, almost black; expressive. Sloped nose. Full lips, wide smile, straight teeth. Prominent collarbone, small chest, long torso, slim hips. Thin, toned arms and legs. Slim wrists and ankles. Small hands and feet with long bones. Good posture; turnout. Three tattoos, five beauty marks, freckles on the tip of my tongue.

petite, curvy, wide hips, big breasted, thick legs

I'm perfect the way i am, my body is strong enough to get me through 4 floors stairs daily, to walk, carrying the groceries, cycling, dancing, helping others, ...
Sometimes my body ache but that's mostly because my mind ache too.
The BMI tells me i'm at the start of being overweight, but ANYBODY that can see me know how that's such a wrong opinion, my bones may be thick and i had still some muscle from when i was making sports. My body is great, my body is the home of my soul.

I am average height, with pale skin, veiny legs and loads of moles; I have long, curly red hair and quite rosy cheeks and wrinkly eyes; I have a huge bum, big thighs, a tiny waist and small boobs. My body is nice and useful but should probably be a bit fitter.

I'm my shape is very straight from my hips to my breasts. I have lean legs and thin arms. I'm quite thin except i have a couple (or ten) extra pounds on my waist I'm 163 cm tall.

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