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16. Please describe your body.

5’5”, small frame, dark skin. Round, symmetrical face; full cheeks. Large-eyes—dark brown, almost black; expressive. Sloped nose. Full lips, wide smile, straight teeth. Prominent collarbone, small chest, long torso, slim hips. Thin, toned arms and legs. Slim wrists and ankles. Small hands and feet with long bones. Good posture; turnout. Three tattoos, five beauty marks, freckles on the tip of my tongue.

petite, curvy, wide hips, big breasted, thick legs

I'm perfect the way i am, my body is strong enough to get me through 4 floors stairs daily, to walk, carrying the groceries, cycling, dancing, helping others, ...
Sometimes my body ache but that's mostly because my mind ache too.
The BMI tells me i'm at the start of being overweight, but ANYBODY that can see me know how that's such a wrong opinion, my bones may be thick and i had still some muscle from when i was making sports. My body is great, my body is the home of my soul.

I am average height, with pale skin, veiny legs and loads of moles; I have long, curly red hair and quite rosy cheeks and wrinkly eyes; I have a huge bum, big thighs, a tiny waist and small boobs. My body is nice and useful but should probably be a bit fitter.

I'm my shape is very straight from my hips to my breasts. I have lean legs and thin arms. I'm quite thin except i have a couple (or ten) extra pounds on my waist I'm 163 cm tall.

I am on a slightly underweight side of average weight. Weight always goes to my boobs and my hips. I have large boobs. I used to be tall, but then everyone else caught up and now I am also fairly average in height. My feet and hands are tiny in comparison to my body though (my grandmother tells me this is a sign of nobility but I am not inclined to believer her.)
I have fat days and skinny days depending on how much or what I am eating. My skin is clear and my posture is pretty bad.

5foot2 slim, small waist, shapely legs

I have an hourglass shape

Very short and thin, somewhat muscular. A pretty flat chest and a pretty large butt.

Short and petite. I have an average weight for my height though currently I am trying to lose a few extra stubborn pounds!

I used to be very very skinny but now I'm more just slim with a few curves.

long wavy darkbrown hair with side bangs
thin arms, smal breasts, thin waist, wide hips, big muscular calves

Typically Indian female body

I am 65" tall and weigh 160 lbs. My goal is to be 145 lbs. I'm a size 12 and my husband loves my body.

Tall, gut-y but curvy. Definitely curvy, I get that from my mom’s side. I’ve got big thighs and a big butt, but honestly my butt is very underwhelming and I wish it wasn’t. I definitely lost a good amount of weight after moving out of the Loop and the dorms. My boobs have gotten in the way of everything ever since I quit volleyball. I have a gut. I actually have recently kind of, sort of started to fully accept my body and love it how it is. It feels cool.

Short, petite and in good shape for my age.

Narrow shoulders.
Child bearing hips.
Large thighs.
Mostly good arms if I go to the gym.
Average height.
Large feet.

latin bronze, wear medium, brown hair, green eyes, always white.

Hour glass shape

Small breasts, latin skin, proportional torso and legs length, a bit overweight, slim legs and arms.

Petite, skinny, normal(?), I'm happy with it!

I am 5"3. I have auburn hair that is straight and reaches to the top of my breasts and shoulder blades, and has never been dyed or treated, and dries with a slight wave. My breasts are a size 36B, cute and perky, but unassuming. I have a flabby tummy but I've been minding it much less lately. My thighs are flabby too, but it's whatever. My ass is beautiful and round. I love my smile. My forehead is pretty large. I'm pretty gorgeous.

If i wasn't so lazy I'd be super hot. It's not awful or fantastic.

On the taller side, slim but not skinny, long arms and legs, scars from multiple knee surgeries.

6 ft.
curvy but slender at the same time.
no muscle tone these days.
small hands. small feet.

I regularly tell my body "thank you and I love you" because my body endures my bad habits.

I am 5'6'', with very toned legs (I definitely accentuate those whenever I can-skinny jeans forever!). I carry all of my weight in the stomach area, no pear shape here. I am a runner, so I feel like I looks relatively athletic.

Um, I'm about 5'5/6, not super curvy, but it's there, slim, nice waist... I'm pale (faint freckles,) but I have dirty blonde hair and dark eyelashes, so that's a win. (:

Tomboyish, flat chested, athletic most of my life. Since menopause, I am little wider in the waist. Never really had a weight problem.


In evolution. Constantly changing.
Currently plus size. Roundy booty, smaller boobs (that will never droop!), long fingers, perfect bow lips, and a unique dimpled half smile that comes naturally

Compact. Curvy. Strong.

Tall, pear shaped, now overweight (sadly) now carry weight around my waist where I never did.

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