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16. Please describe your body.

Very curvy, 34-26-40, I know my measurements because I mostly shop vintage or online. I work in wardrobe for film and costume and can guess other people's measurements as well.

My body is soft, sturdy, and feels like home, like a Queen-sized hardwood platform bed with 1000-thread count sheets.

This question is like, my worst nightmare.

My body helps me do the things I want to do, and most of the time it is very strong and capable. I like almost all of the parts of it, except the parts that I've been subconsciously taught should look differently than they do. Every day, I'm trying to listen more carefully to my body and what it needs.

Small-boned, short, slender, sometimes worryingly so. Under stress I don't eat.
George Carlin got a whole comedy routine out of people like me. We are "assless." "Got no ass," he'd say in astonishment.
Women who complain about being overweight have no idea that being underweight brings a whole new set of problems. A tailbone needs protection. This is just a fact. Winter boots collapse without substantial calves to hold them up. Bony feet need really good quality shoes or you'll start hurting as soon as you leave the house.
I have "a nice rack." And again, accommodating it has been a life's work. Just finding a good bra, for example. It's hard work.

I am born female, five feet seven inches, one hundred and twenty pounds, with what has been called an hourglass figure. I hold myself tall as a consequence of dance and yoga practices. Very short hair. Small feet.

Medium. I’ve never really had a hang-up with weight, or a problem taking off pounds I don’t want. I’m usually vegan, but at the moment I’m creating a wide-ranging cookbook and going to all-night folk-music hootenannies, and those things have brought more rich food and drink into my life. I’m happy with my body, though. I don’t starve myself. So many psychological problems fell away when I started tailoring my clothes to my body, instead of the other way around.

I am relatively tall (5’7”) and have always been quite thin and relatively boyish in shape until the last decade when I’ve become larger in the bust and waist. My body is pretty strong, and despite a few aches and pains, serves me well, and I am able to find clothing to fit it pretty easily.

Sigh, aging. I’m petite, slim, strong and fit. Well proportioned, though a bit pear-shaped, as they say.


I measure 1.75 meter, i am thin and i have stretch marks everywhere they can proliferate!

I am bigger than some people, smaller than other. My body is soft and strong, and the only way I can kick it on this mortal coil, so I love it and am proud of it.

I have very short legs. I am big boned. I'm shapely. I have a waist – I mean, you can still see it. I have smallish breasts. I'm muscular and in the best shape I've been in my whole life right now. I bike 3 times a week. I eat low-carb (basically no white food and rarely any sugar). I am 7 pounds less than I was when I got married. I'm happy. I would like longer legs, but what can you do?

29-22.32. Skinny yet fleshy. I’d like to start celebrating the fleshy parts more because they’re here to stay!

I'm 5'4" and slender. Size 2-4, bra cup 32A. I'm pretty happy with my body, I like that I have broad shoulders, toned arms, and a small waist. I wish my tummy was flatter and that my ass would stop dropping, and lately I'm noticing some cellulite on the back of my thighs. But ya know, I'm over 40 now, and though I do work out, I'm not a gym bunny, and I love food. So fuck it.

Thin and lanky. My entire family is full bodied with what I consider to be huge breasts. When I was eleven I prayed NOT to have breasts like my mother and both grandmothers who were D to H cups. I was blessed to be small enough to not wear a bra since I was 21. Both of my daughters, however, are full breasted. They all have full butts and I’m blessed to have a flat butt. I gained some weight while working on my dissertation and so weight about 125 now at 5’ 7”.

I am tall and slim with an athletic build. Always have been and never worn the tight clothes to do justice to all the hard work I do to keep my figure. Something my friends point out often.

161cm, 50 kilos, small breast, fat calves, round face, a brunette

I am, as Malcolm called me, “a stick insect”. I have relatively long limbs and digits, and a long neck, which Malcolm attributed to my chronic neck and shoulder problems. “Maybe you should ask Uma Thurman if she has neck aches too?” he suggested. As for my bow legs, he surmised that my ancestors must have ridden horses through the steppes with Genghis Khan.

5'10", slender, with a long, very thin torso and tiny breasts, but a huge butt and hips and sizable thighs.

5'4", size six. Small waist. large breasts and ass. Very pale skin. Quirky face but not bad-looking. Sensual. Like a nude in a museum painting that you saw once.

I’m 5’10” and I’ve got some curves. I think I’m thin enough, but I need to work out more to tone up.

I am 5’4, I have 34 A breasts, 28 inch waist and 36 in hips. I’m what you’d call a “pear,” I guess—I have a bit of a belly and my top half is certainly smaller than my lower half. Curvy, but not super curvy. Thin..ish…but not super thin.

The body is good: tall, well-proportioned, healthy. I'd quite like a better head shape and nicer feet though.

Tall and festively chubby. Even at my most fit—when I was boxing—I kind of looked like Britney Spears on steroids and cream puffs.

I'm lean in a flaccid way, like a 40 year old who smokes too much and forgets to eat lunch sometimes. I don't look like I exercise, but I'm not fat. I'm 1.70m tall and I generally weigh somewhere between 52 and 55kg. I have medium-to-large sized boobs depending on how much I weigh. I have browner skin than most people in the UK, and people here normally assume I'm Spanish or Portuguese based on how I look. I have wavy, long, dark brown hair, and I-don't-know-what-colour, not-dark eyes.

My body is growing a baby. That's all it's about right now. I'm going to be a mom, which is scary and overwhelming to my mind, but my body feels completely at ease with this task.

I am tall, sturdily built but fairly thin (140 lbs before pregnancy, currently 160). I wear the same de minimis makeup every day: lipstick, undereye concealer, blush (I tend towards paleness, so this is key) and brown mascara. I have very short blond hair cut crazy-fashion; I highlight this myself. My hair when longer was actually lovely, but I’m bad at “doing” hair and would rather eliminate bad hair days from my life entirely, something you can achieve with an excellent short haircut. I will be wearing this look when – if – I reach 80.

Most of my features are short and stocky! I have a larger than average breast size and wide hips, I have a defined waist, but my stomach isn't flat. I have somewhat broad shoulders, thicker arms, and strong, sturdy legs. Small shoe size, (I can actually wear kids shoes), but wide feet, a boys 3 is usually a perfect fit. Small hands, but thick fingers.

I am about 5 foot 2 with brown hair and brown eyes…I am slightly plump and curvy but I am currently working on toning my figure and possibly building some muscle.

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