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16. Please describe your body.

5'10", slender, with a long, very thin torso and tiny breasts, but a huge butt and hips and sizable thighs.

5'4", size six. Small waist. large breasts and ass. Very pale skin. Quirky face but not bad-looking. Sensual. Like a nude in a museum painting that you saw once.

I’m 5’10” and I’ve got some curves. I think I’m thin enough, but I need to work out more to tone up.

I am 5’4, I have 34 A breasts, 28 inch waist and 36 in hips. I’m what you’d call a “pear,” I guess—I have a bit of a belly and my top half is certainly smaller than my lower half. Curvy, but not super curvy. Thin..ish…but not super thin.

The body is good: tall, well-proportioned, healthy. I'd quite like a better head shape and nicer feet though.

Tall and festively chubby. Even at my most fit—when I was boxing—I kind of looked like Britney Spears on steroids and cream puffs.

I'm lean in a flaccid way, like a 40 year old who smokes too much and forgets to eat lunch sometimes. I don't look like I exercise, but I'm not fat. I'm 1.70m tall and I generally weigh somewhere between 52 and 55kg. I have medium-to-large sized boobs depending on how much I weigh. I have browner skin than most people in the UK, and people here normally assume I'm Spanish or Portuguese based on how I look. I have wavy, long, dark brown hair, and I-don't-know-what-colour, not-dark eyes.

My body is growing a baby. That's all it's about right now. I'm going to be a mom, which is scary and overwhelming to my mind, but my body feels completely at ease with this task.

I am tall, sturdily built but fairly thin (140 lbs before pregnancy, currently 160). I wear the same de minimis makeup every day: lipstick, undereye concealer, blush (I tend towards paleness, so this is key) and brown mascara. I have very short blond hair cut crazy-fashion; I highlight this myself. My hair when longer was actually lovely, but I’m bad at “doing” hair and would rather eliminate bad hair days from my life entirely, something you can achieve with an excellent short haircut. I will be wearing this look when – if – I reach 80.

Most of my features are short and stocky! I have a larger than average breast size and wide hips, I have a defined waist, but my stomach isn't flat. I have somewhat broad shoulders, thicker arms, and strong, sturdy legs. Small shoe size, (I can actually wear kids shoes), but wide feet, a boys 3 is usually a perfect fit. Small hands, but thick fingers.

I am about 5 foot 2 with brown hair and brown eyes…I am slightly plump and curvy but I am currently working on toning my figure and possibly building some muscle.

I have two bodies, one in my mind and one in reality. The one in my mind is full of flaws; my thighs are too big, cellulite rich and veiny, my ass is too round, my stomach always bloated and overall I'm usually not pleased. Although I have done my best with it through exercise and tattooing to keep things colourful. My reality body is pretty normal, on the small side and relatively in shape, of course with meaningful and colour tattoos that really make it an exciting landscape bearing the story of my life in ink.

I would say I'm a very averagely tall-seeming white girl. My figure is completely vintage. I look like the kind of woman who could accomplish any task except for running long distances, and who wants to do that anyway? I can give you at least three children, and my body lets you know that I have always indulged myself in life’s pleasures.

5'7", 135lbs. Long torso and legs. Strong arms.

5-foot-5, generously proportioned in the chest area, hourglass shape, oval face, brown eyes, full lips, toffee-colored skin.

Cranky and achy the majority of the time because of my chronic illnesses. Size 12 or 14, depending on the brand. I have a large head and broad shoulders, but tiny hands, ears, and toes.

Tall-ish, pale, freckled, generally slim but also quite soft, I think!

I'd be called slim though a bit top-heavy. No hips or butt. Five foot 6 inches.

Average height and weight, blonde, blue eyes. Still, I’m not LA standard at all.

Naked I look like a Renaissance painting - pale with a nice little stomach pouch.

Tall, big boned, large breasted, but lean and long as well. When I gain weight, I am told I'm lucky, because I gain it in my breasts and it lands proportionally elsewhere. It looks ok to others, but I feel awful and I start to wear sack-like dresses.

Constantly evolving curves & muscles on a tall sturdy frame

I am short and skinny.

A little on the short side (5'5"), although not technically petite I can and do wear petite items sometimes. Average weight, on the curvy side (large bust for my frame). Moderately tattooed. And although I sometimes don't like the state of my stomach in the mirror, I gave birth to two babies! So there. Bless you, high waisted bikini trend.

Short, lean, strong.


I have nice wrists.

I'm a tall, lean brunette. After having a baby, I've surprisingly lost some of my curves.

I'm 5'4', relatively slender, with some curves in the right places. Just in the last year I've been noticing signs of aging - not in a bad way, but they're a reminder that I need to take care of my body.

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