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16. Please describe your body.

A bit under normal heigth. Normally shaped with arms, legs, hips etc. Very small breasts and a bit of belly just like a normal woman would have it and not a skinny XXS person would not have it. A bit strong upper legs due to a lot of sport. Nice hands and feet, a bit arty in a way. Long blond fine hair. Nice friendly face.

I'm medium height and fairly skinny. I have a curvy bottom and small breasts. I have some stretch marks on my hips and thighs and brown moles of various sizes everywhere. I have scoliosis so my spine curves to the left and affects my posture. I have the tiniest wrists and very dark body hair which I shave in certain places and not others.

Oh, lord jesus, it's a fire! Well, my legs are strong and my belly is a little round and I have skinny arms. The Cowboys once called me 'the little toad', because I looked like a toad. But no warts. I think toads are cute, and I think I am cute.

My body is short, with thin upper body and a thicker lower body. My breasts are considerably big, but in proportion with my heaps. I have that kind of guitar body shape.

I am 1,65 m tall. I weight 59 pounds. I have a small waist , medium breast but large thighs. My face is round and I have short hair. My foot and finger are small. Ι am not fit ,even though I used to go to the gym.

Petite, slender. Large bust, a waist that still exists. My bottom (and the rest of me) continues to head down to earth, but it is not too bad.

an observation that an older woman made to me on the T yesterday: "I can't get a look at your body, but you have a great face."

I think it might be regular, but I'm not sure sometimes.

Built like a buoy- hips bigger than breasts. I've been every size from 2 to 4X, currently the 4X.

I have quite a good body, but I'm overweight.

My body is the same as my dad with a bit of my mum. (vietnamese versus french)
I'm quite tall and proud of it.
My proportions are good, I could say I'm quite lucky.
But my butt is flat, and that is my biggest dispair.

I'm tall, have wide hips, a narrow waist, narrow shoulders, a long neck, and muscular legs.

I'm quite slim, especially at waist. My thighs tend to gain weight though.

Triangle shaped body, I wish hour glass shaped. Haha. So I have average (but people says its large) breats, small waist (yes, my smallest was 20, but now 30, normally when stressed 24!) and wide hips!! 5" 's my height, and flat footed.

Not perfect right now but serviceable. Curvy, puts on muscle fairly easily, loses it fairly easily.

Not too bad.but used to be much smaller. Older now.

I'm very tall, but I'm not as tall as some. I have kind of a sloped, graceful posture and a good amount of belly and thigh weight. Generally slim, but not a stick. I have no boobs, a weak chin, and a large nose. My eyes are round and expressive. I love my face, but I often wish I could pair it with a sexier body to offset the pudgy, weepy vibe.

I'm strong and healthy and well upholstered.

I'm a classic British pear - small, sloping shoulders, smallish bust, wide hips, big bottom and thighs. I have long legs which are slim from the knee down. I like my body more as I get older.

Bigger stomach, medium chest and toned legs

skinny, but a bit of a belly now that I always try to hide with cloths

I would say it is disproportionate but doesn't look so immediately. I have disproportionately long arms and legs compared to my short torso (which is possibly short because I have pretty intense scoliosis). I have disproportionately large boobs compared to my small waist, and I have hips and a butt that might actually be proportionate to my body. I have a long nose and long toes. I think that my body looks more pornographic than model-like, though I wish the reverse were true.

I have thin calves and forearms, but chunky thighs, chunky stomach and a round face.

Plus-sized, short-waisted, but I like my thighs and legs.

average height. plump and curvy. I'm just over the obesity line for my height. relatively fair. natural hair colour is chestnut with gray sparkles. green/grey/blue eyes. chubby cheeks. full lips. I'll make a pretty good grandma someday. hair is wavy/curly, bobbed. big hands and feet. good ankles (like my Mum). strong. my partner calls me a sturdy pony.

I'm pretty proud of it. The worst time I had with it was in my early twenties, when I tended to see it in bits and pieces (eg: this bit's too hairy, this bit is disproportionate with that bit). I'm a lot less critical now and tend to admire it for what it can do, rather than how it looks. I love my breasts and my strong legs. I wish my skin wasn't aging so fast - it's delicate and I didn't take care of it properly when I was younger. I also don't like my saggy tummy - the result of having two big babies close together - and I haven't gotten used to it or fully accepted it. I struggle with alcohol consumption at the moment and know that it sometimes takes a toll on my well being.
On the other hand, I ran 10 kms two weeks ago. I'm still on a high and so exultant that I'm still so young and strong!

Slim, not as muscular as I was in my 40's
Medium height

Size 8-12 depending.... Larger hips than bust, fairly fit, ten pounds from ideal weight. Very healthy. Not good looking legs.

I have almost a perfect hourglass figure. My top half is 35 inches, and my waist is 24 inches. My hips are 39 inches. I do have some jiggle in my thighs but I have muscle too. My stomach is as flat as I can manage without giving up cheese and wine.

Medium height, slim but not very thin. Great legs and hips.

Short, athletic. Lapsed gymnast. I feel graceful.

High waist, very little hip curve, thin straight legs, large pendulous breasts, rounded saggy belly. (Four children later.)

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