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16. Please describe your body.

Size 8-12 depending.... Larger hips than bust, fairly fit, ten pounds from ideal weight. Very healthy. Not good looking legs.

I have almost a perfect hourglass figure. My top half is 35 inches, and my waist is 24 inches. My hips are 39 inches. I do have some jiggle in my thighs but I have muscle too. My stomach is as flat as I can manage without giving up cheese and wine.

Medium height, slim but not very thin. Great legs and hips.

Short, athletic. Lapsed gymnast. I feel graceful.

High waist, very little hip curve, thin straight legs, large pendulous breasts, rounded saggy belly. (Four children later.)

Pretty great, actually! Tall and skinny, the same size (at 34) that I was at 17. Flat bum and wonky teeth are all I can complain about. I most like my legs, waist and shoulders.

I'm 5'5", curvy & blonde. I like my legs, they're short but dad passed on his calves to me. I wear glasses. This year I'm trying to focus on a healthier body image- getting more active so I feel better about myself.

Short, not a thin as I used to be, strong without a hint of athleticism.

Short and thin, with a tiny waist. Apparently anything looks good on me.

Slender, petite, 5'0". Boyish, almost.

Skinny, average breasts, great legs, I love them.

I have an hourglass figure, but lately my legs are getting more chubby.

5'4, 117 lbs. Very thin, and almost no shape. Very small breasts, and totally flat behind. I have trouble buying pants because they always want to fall straight off. I can't wait for low-rise jeans to go out of style, because it's really hard to find jeans I can wear.

The only fat I have all goes right to my stomach instead of somewhere it could be more "useful".

I'm just above avergae for my age. I've been told that my shoulders are very wide and muscular like a swimmer's shoulders. I have quite small breasts (well I think so anyway), I'm about eight stone something, I'm not overweight or underweight and I think that my ass looks great, even if I say so myself. Apparently, my legs are really long but they look normal to me. I have some scars along my left arm and right leg from self-harm. I hide these a lot and I haven't worn shorts in ages.

Six foot. Overweight. Big boobs and bum. A stomach I try to hide. Long feet but very beautiful - my best feature and the only bit of me that gets routinely admired.


Medium build, curvy back side and more muscular then slim

I'm a little taller than average with an athletic build. I'm a little curvy and look good in fitted clothes. I have great legs and slim ankles - I should wear dresses and skirts more often.

I am 5'4" and pretty straight up and down with a "baby belly" even when i'm not pregnant, which I am now, with our 6th

Nice. Slightly overweight- curvy.

My body tells me a lot about how I am doing. My body is flexible and likes to move, but gently. My body is strong, and when it is tense and stiff I know I have not been taking care of it and other things. My body has ten toes and two feet and two ankles, two legs with knees and thighs, hips and buttocks and a whole pelvic region, a tummy and a belly button and freckles and moles. My body has a tiny third nipple hidden under one breast and two rather large nipples on two soft breasts, above ribs and under collar bones and between shoulders that pop and crack and arms and hands that like to do very many things. My body has organs too, that thankfully seem to do their jobs well : -)

5'3, on the high end of "normal" weight range for my height. Strong legs, weak arms with a leaning to bingo arms even though they are skinny. Small boned. Muffin top. good butt as long as pants are hiding the cellulite. Fairly perky boobs considering I breastfed 4 kids for 6 years. Horrible stomach after 4 c-sections and hernia repair. Great collar bones that look good in v-neck shirts. Freckles, pale sensitive skin prone to reactions to soaps, lotions, make-up etc.

I am 5 feet, 4 inches tall. 135 pounds. Usually size 6.

Petite, slim, very curvy bottom, flat chest, broad shoulders. Quite pale/ white skin


Petite, thin, no boobs, no shape.

A little taller than average, with long arms and legs and a little bit of an hour-glass shape (although that is softening as I have gained weight over time).

Thin and muscular. Petite frame. Small breasts. Angular and slightly boyish.

Curvy. Not exactly overweight but not thin either.

My body is tall, white, and in-flux.

I am on the short side, maybe 5'3" and am thin, but also curvy. I have a bubble butt that I am proud of, but I have always wished I had better looking legs. I have quite a small waist and medium sized breasts plus strong arms and shoulders from the work I do. I am comfortable in my skin. I have a number of tattoos, several on my hands and wrists, one on the back of my neck, and many others that can be covered by my clothing.

Im very short with dark brown mid length hair. I have large boobs for my size and have a hourglass body(small waist). a little chubby on the stomach but not that much. pale with really dark brown eyes and large red lips

On the lean side, not very curvy, but a little bit. Long legs.

Think: classic hourglass. Smallish shoulders, large round breasts, curvy arms, small waist, full hips/rear, long curvy legs. This is not always as great as you would think as modern clothes are not made for this shape.

i think it is more athletic than i imagine. I am pretty small, but i never really look frail or waify. i have a very small waist and legs that are a bit too functional. i am besotted with my own boobs.

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