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21. With whom do you talk about clothes?

Everyone, but not a lot

My mom and friends

My sister and best friend.

I live in a rural area that's mostly filled with retirees. I mostly discuss clothing and fashion online, on communities like Reddit.

My mother and sister

I talk to my wife About clothes, sometimes when look at catalogues we get form Fashion companies. Then she asks: What do you think? Could I wear this or that?

people ask me about my clothes and then I do. or with people who make clothes.

No one really. For me clothes are really personal. Sometimes I'll compliment a friend or family member on their outfit and vice versa. But I never really discuss clothes in the sense of liking them and buying them. I prefer shopping for clothes alone. Make-up on the other hand...



Mostly With 3-4 Close friends and even my step-daughter.

My partner and a girl I went to high school with.

My close friends, my sisters, breaking the ice with someone I just met, my grandma and the management of my work (dress code).

My friend, who loves sewing too.

My partner and my sewing friends.

Anyone that’s willing! I love talking about clothing. It’s an art.

My husband, my daughter.

Only my family

Anyone, but it''s not a subject I often bring up. I guess my sister would be the main contender. And any friends who have interest in fashion.

my sister and work colleagues

my friends

I talk with my mom about it.

No one. I ALWAYS shop alone.

My sisters and family.

Friends, mom.

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