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21. With whom do you talk about clothes?

Anyone else I know who somewhat likes thinking and talking about them too.

Anyone who was interested in talking with me about the topic.

My sisters and friends.

My numero uno is my best friend Hanna. She has amazing style and taste and a knack for what's cool. I love her. She's probably the only person I feel comfortable talking to fashion about outside of my partner.

Everyone, but not a lot

My mom and friends

My sister and best friend.

I live in a rural area that's mostly filled with retirees. I mostly discuss clothing and fashion online, on communities like Reddit.

My mother and sister

I talk to my wife About clothes, sometimes when look at catalogues we get form Fashion companies. Then she asks: What do you think? Could I wear this or that?

people ask me about my clothes and then I do. or with people who make clothes.

No one really. For me clothes are really personal. Sometimes I'll compliment a friend or family member on their outfit and vice versa. But I never really discuss clothes in the sense of liking them and buying them. I prefer shopping for clothes alone. Make-up on the other hand...



Mostly With 3-4 Close friends and even my step-daughter.

My partner and a girl I went to high school with.

My close friends, my sisters, breaking the ice with someone I just met, my grandma and the management of my work (dress code).

My friend, who loves sewing too.

My partner and my sewing friends.

Anyone that’s willing! I love talking about clothing. It’s an art.

My husband, my daughter.

Only my family

Anyone, but it''s not a subject I often bring up. I guess my sister would be the main contender. And any friends who have interest in fashion.

my sister and work colleagues

my friends

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