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21. With whom do you talk about clothes?

I talk a lot about clothes with my boyfriend, especially what I wear to work and what others wear to work - whether the clothes are appropriate or whether the clothes are stepping over the "not corporate" line too much. I also talk about clothes with my sister a lot - we usually always tell each other about the new clothes that we have bought, or often I'll seek out her opinion on an item of clothing that I am looking at.


My girl friends

Everyone but not everyone like to hear hours of speech about my latest prey(a beautiful pair of white trainers by the way).

My best friend sometimes, opinions, etc.

My sister

My chick friends

My girl friends. They all have very different personal senses of style -- and I love that, because I come to them about different things.

I'm also grateful that my boyfriend has a good sense of style. Sometimes, he doesn't "get" something that I'm going for, and that's fine. I can usually count on him to tell me if something makes sense overall, or is "weird" -- there's no full length mirror at his house, so I usually just ask him.

My mother and my twin sister

My boyfriend, my mother, my sister.

Friends, mostly.
Andm sometime with my man too, to see his point of view.

friends, mom, somethimes collegues (briefly), brother (about shoes).

My mom, my boyfriend, some of my girlfriends- but not a lot always, because they're all smaller than me and can't really identify with real life struggles of being tall and curvaceous.

Usually with my gay friend

My mother and my friends from high school.

There is a certain lady in a tea shop I frequent who's interested in these kind of conversations. My female friends don't seem to care that much. I believe they regard talking about clothes as beneath themselves as intellectuals, or feminists.

My friends sometimes, it's not really a common topic though.

Everyone and anyone: family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, strangers.

Maybe more often with women! But i don't talk much about it...

I’ve studied fashion design for 6 years now so lots of people. Because of this, people talk to me about it but I’m not sure if people always understand me if they’re not in design or not really interested in fashion. Its interesting as a ‘fashion insider’ to hear the views of outsiders though they are sometimes the most insightful without realising it.

My mom, my best friend.

Most people I am friends with or related to... Not constantly but frequently. I have certain friends with whom I discuss favourite brands etc.

My mother and aunt

Friends, daughters

My mother and friends.


my friends, my mom, my sister

My closest friends

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