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21. With whom do you talk about clothes?

No one.

A few friends, sometimes, but mostly my husband. He's way more of a fashion nerd than I am, and he has way more shoes than I do.

Girlfriends. Sometimes my mother. Sometimes my partner.

I can’t say that I am very into fashion – I just don’t really know that much about it or talk about it. But during college, I took a lot of courses on women and gender, and we often discussed the role fashion has in feminism and female confidence. I think it’s made me value fashion more and discuss it a bit more.

I talk to my mother about clothes. I'll call her up while I'm in the store and describe something I'm thinking of buying. Or I'll take a picture of a dress and send it to my father's cell, so that he can show it to her (she can never find her cell phone). Her approval is very important, particularly while I'm trying to make a decision. As I try to grow myself up, I'm not sure I want to always run to my mother.

If at all, my mother, sister, girlfriends, husband. would mostly be brief, like "does this work?"

friends - i've got a handful of fashionistas that i bounce things off. they are scattered around the country, and represent different styles and ages.

My best friend, my mum.

Ha, anyone who will listen! Friends, coworkers, my daughter, strangers...

Hardly anyone

I have a friend who gives me all sorts of advice on fashion that she’s culled from the Internet—we also talk about writing when we’re not looking at Japanese street fashion.

My boyfriend. I tend to ask him if I look ridiculous before I leave the house. He's good at pointing out unnoticed baby spit up. Other than that no one.

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