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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

I nearly wasted a lot of money
I tried to get a made-to-measure (not bespoke) suit
It was a disaster
It was so bad I got a full refund and £200 compensation for my wasted time
Other than that, as I buy only bland, simple, unnoticeable things, and just replace what I already have, I've never wasted any money on clothes
I read stupid (to me) comments in articles like "we only wear 20% of our clothes" or "wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?" Can't understand any of those. I wear what I have, I cycle my shirts & t-shirts and trousers so they all get worn equally, I wouldn't buy something I wouldn't wear

Only things that come to mind are my prom dress and then my dress for university graduation as I never wore these again, although I don’t think either were that expensive.

I generally don’t spend that much and buy a lot of used clothes.

I haven't allowed myself to buy very expensive clothing so I don't have buyer's remorse.

I just spend too much on shoes lol. (,And I guess nails, more so than the average woman I would think.]

Calvin Klein shoes.. it's not a huge waste of money but the shoes were cute but lacked comfort

I'm an impulse shopper, so it happens more often than I'd like to admit.

i gave 21 boxes of clothing away that was worth a 1000 dollars.

I bought a top, that I'm not wearing because I'm afraid it will get sweat stains.

I don't wast money. all my buys worth it

I bought a cocinelle bag.

I don't really think in those terms.

I tend to wear clothes out, so even my large impulse purchases get worn. Probably my least rational and most expensive purchase were a pair of high leather boots which I haven't worn that much.

honestly, dozens of cheap thrift store purchases i never wore. when i was 19 i decided someday i'd have to dress business casual, so i went to h&m and bought a ton of cheap, uncomfortable office clothes.

also, a $100+ pair of riding boots that weren't well constructed. i think i sold them on ebay.

I recently bought a vintage jumper that I love online, but it turns out that my head is too big to get through the neck line. Yikes. Biggest wastes is trying to save money on an item that is not quite right, and then re-buying to get what you should have got in the first place!

A $500 dress by a local designer that I bought at age fifteen and never wore. I still have it in my closet and it makes me happy to look at it, so it wasn't entirely a waste.

Yes, I went on this trip with my friends and out of all the souvenirs that I could have bought and been on the safer side, I decided to buy this jumper without even trying. It's just I have never owned a jumper specifically like that before and I got excited. I ended up giving it to tailors like thrice for fixing but the tailors told me that the jumper has been stitched in such weird proportions that even they can't figure out how it would fit into any human's body without adding/ cutting extras of that same fabric. Of course, I didn't have that fabric. Sad.

Cheap winter boots. I won't mention the brand. But you cannot scrimp on boots when you live in the Northeastern area of the United States.

I one spent £20 on a top and the next day I found a hole. The company refused a refund!

I feel like my entire childhood was my mum spending money on new clothing for me, which I feel kind of guilty about. Now that I'm older I feel myself wanting to give back and treat her to things to make up for all of that giving.

My prom dress, but it was handmade by a struggling seamstress, so maybe it wasn't a waste

Yes specially for my T-shirt

I have a pair of ankle booties with a very, very high heel. They're purple, sparkly, and designer. They fit correctly but they're just not put together very well and they make my feet hurt. I've worn them maybe 3 times.

I bought my ex-husband a $280 Norwegian sweater for Christmas one year. I think he wore it once. Some people have no taste.

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