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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

Every item of clothing that I have wasted money on has been cheap, bad quality and tacky. Most likely they were items of clothing I purchased circa 2010 when I was a conforming first year University student doing my best to fit in.

An ankle length dress

it was probably a bunch of medium priced items on a trip to Paris a few years ago. I would have been served better if I had bought a single perfect item with all that money.

3€ in a necklace when I was had candies inside and they tasted awful.


Hmmm. There have been a few. I bought a black wool coat in a panic that wasn't really the one I wanted, and I wish I'd waited instead of jumping the gun (typical me).

Yes, I bought an exquisite sequined tunic dress, originally from I. Magnin, probably the early '80s. It was outrageous, but it was too long and too big in the shoulders. It didn't cost a lot initially (it was used), but I spent a fortune getting it altered, and it never did fit. I ended up giving it away, never having worn it.


Eh, I don't spend much on clothing.

shoes that looked perfect but made my feet bleed

Actually, it happened to me probably two hours ago, at the Sports Authority Closing Sale. Really, I read some signs wrong and spent WAYYY more than I thought I would, but couldn't say no and put stuff back - and it's all final sale since the stores are closing. I sat in my car, mumbling at myself that I was an idiot. So. Not. Pleased.

But there have certainly been many more instances where I have bought something and NEVER worn it.

I don't want to go there.

My mum made me get a dress to accept a scholarship in and I only ever wore it once.

A $70 black bodycon dress that shrank upon the first wash. I didn’t have the energy to try and wear it as a tunic or a top so I donated it. That is the last time I will spend $70 on a dress or any other item of clothing.

A new jeans, that grow TWO size in the washing. It reminded me to stick to the second hand clothes and avoid like pest brands store.

I accidentally bought a maternity top once. I was not, and have never been, pregnant.

i bought 3 years ago a maison martin margiela bag for 2 grand. Wore it ten times and sold it at a flea market for 200€. It was the best offer i got.

I bought a Marques Almeida dress for too much money and then didn't really wear it.
I bought a Jacquemus t-shirt which looked shit on me just because I wanted the brand in my wardrobe.

I've always have a budget on my clothes

Yes, a coat

I bought $100 Dr. Martens boots. I bought them a size too big, but never bothered exchanging them. Now I can only wear them with a pair of fuzzy socks or else my feet swim in them! It's an inconvenience though, because between thick socks and leather boots, my feet get really hot!

I don't spend a bunch of money on a piece of clothing unless I love it.

80€ for Steel combat boots. they were impossible to break in and a size smaller too.

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