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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

80€ for Steel combat boots. they were impossible to break in and a size smaller too.

A long fur coat that hooked in the front.

A designer black coat that I hardly wear.

Hmmmm not really. I'm a bit Scottish/tight with my money! I've bought dresses because I've broken them in the changing room - but they've turned out to be great purchases (that could be fixed).

I love it, but I get little wear from it. A very long, deep navy, unlined Jil Sander coat. What was I thinking?

And it's a hungry beast as I keep buying navy clothes to go with it, hoping I might wear it more.


Not really. But I'm sure I wasted lots at some stage! I've just forgotten now, as lately I haven't been spending money at all on clothing but I'd really like to at some point soon--APC sale emails for example ;)!

Yes! I bought a knock-off Desigual dress in Tel-Aviv last year that was not flattering at all and I wore it maybe once.

Yes, thrifting. Won't be doing that again.

About $60 on a sundress while I was in grad school and had very little money. It was the end of the quarter and I just wanted to treat myself. But the dress was ill-fitting and a bit short.

probably blocked it from my memory for a reason

So many times!! I used to never try things on, and would get home excited to wear a new piece of clothing only to find out that it didn't fit. I would never find the time to return the item.

Yes, a couple times when I first had money in my hot little hands (besides monthly allowance.)

I rarely over spend on clothing. But once as a teenager, my cousin talked me into buying a velour pants suit. Couldn't stand to leave the house in it.

I've wasted huge amounts of money on clothes but that's only if you add up a lot of small wastes together. Like I've never spent a huge amount of money on one thing and regretted it because I never spend a huge amount of money on any clothes.

A pair of Toms shoes for air travel. Yeah, no. Never again. Worst product ever in my opinion. Never have I had such sore ankle, calves and foot muscles.

Yes. So many times. But then I gave those things away and felt so much better.

70 euro 'durable' hiking boots, that started to rot because of the rain water.

when i wanted a pair of shoes and it was not the right size

yes, I bought far too many 50s style frocks and they just do not suit me, I love vintage and ok so 50s is terribly trendy on the vintage front right now but it isn't for everyone and makes me look like a man in darg, I just sold them on line and bought stuff that did suit me instead.

I once paid $400 for a pair of beautiful leather brogues that massacre my feet every time I wear them, and that need to be resoled every month or so. (And yes, I still wear them - you heard how much they cost).

I bought a huge grey wool coat for $400 dollars just for the hell of it. Almost never wore it. I finally gave it to Goodwill for the tax write-off. (not much)

yes, but not call it waste, white pant suit from the limited.

I bought some clothes I just didn't needed or wear then. Maybe a skirt in Italy I still have and just don't wear because somehow it doesn't fit. It was 25€, for me that is already money, for other people maybe not.

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