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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

I've wasted huge amounts of money on clothes but that's only if you add up a lot of small wastes together. Like I've never spent a huge amount of money on one thing and regretted it because I never spend a huge amount of money on any clothes.

A pair of Toms shoes for air travel. Yeah, no. Never again. Worst product ever in my opinion. Never have I had such sore ankle, calves and foot muscles.

Yes. So many times. But then I gave those things away and felt so much better.

70 euro 'durable' hiking boots, that started to rot because of the rain water.

when i wanted a pair of shoes and it was not the right size

yes, I bought far too many 50s style frocks and they just do not suit me, I love vintage and ok so 50s is terribly trendy on the vintage front right now but it isn't for everyone and makes me look like a man in darg, I just sold them on line and bought stuff that did suit me instead.

I once paid $400 for a pair of beautiful leather brogues that massacre my feet every time I wear them, and that need to be resoled every month or so. (And yes, I still wear them - you heard how much they cost).

I bought a huge grey wool coat for $400 dollars just for the hell of it. Almost never wore it. I finally gave it to Goodwill for the tax write-off. (not much)

yes, but not call it waste, white pant suit from the limited.

I bought some clothes I just didn't needed or wear then. Maybe a skirt in Italy I still have and just don't wear because somehow it doesn't fit. It was 25€, for me that is already money, for other people maybe not.

Yes. When I was 20 I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile and took a trip to Buenos Aires. I had a lot of ideas about things that I "should" be doing abroad, and one of them was this idea of building a wardrobe that consisted of pieces people would ask me about and I could respond "Oh, this? I got it in Buenos Aires." I've always liked the idea of being a specific type of interesting person who has stories about all my clothes. With this in mind, I jumped at the chance to buy something at a street market in a hip neighborhood of Buenos Aires. I ended up buying a dress that was something like fifty dollars (expensive for a college student with no income) and I literally never wore that dress. It was strapless and came with a kind of complicated sash and pin situation that just didn't suit me.

I splurged a shameful amount on a bunch of shirts I didn't really like, just to fit in with my girlfriends.

Not specifically, but I recall having bought several things in my life that never made it out of the closet. That feels really stupid.

Yes ,once I bought a pair of really expensive chelsea boots.

A raincoat I bought on sale at Nordstrom's when I was shopping with a shopaholic friend- wore it once

I'm not a compulsive buyer. I always think very carefully before I get anything. Even more if it's expensive!

I bought an expensive pair of rain boots that I rarely wear, because rain boots are cumbersome to wear all day and they get very warm. Also, walking from my house to the car in the rain doesn't bother me so much that I need waterproof boots.

I love every clothes I owned. But there was one legging I bought online that I felt like I should have not bought it. It was quite beautiful and sewn with translucent white sequins. But it was too tight and long for me. I never wear it.

No. I have not yet.

An awful hippie sweater from ModCloth. Never again. I thought it was going to be like girly-Lebowski but it was acrylic and an itchy mess.

So many time's.

I remember when I was 13, I bought 2 sweatshirts that were really good surf brands (an really expensive). I din't know at that time that those brands did not actually suit me but I was very stubborn and I got my mum to pay for it... It still sits in my wardrobe.

Not the biggest, but most of the purchases I make are useless. I barely wear anything other than a t-shirt or jeans, even though I'm constantly buying things.

nothing really springs to mind. I'm so careful.

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