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26. Do you have style in any areas of your life aside from fashion?


Yes. My movement has its own distinct signature.

Big style! Decor. The art I make.

Of what I drive, the furnishings in my condo...and the food I cook.

Flower arrangements

The way I speak, from what I'm told.

i do art , ww , apps on , is my website.

Arts, furnishings, music, movies.


Yes I think I have a speak and writting style, at least on my native language.

I think I have intellectual style. If there was a tape of me, and then someone else repeated the words I'd used, I think people who know me might think, that's how Linda would express and idea. The way people have high-low style in clothes, I have high-low style with ideas.

Art, creativity, home, food, literature, music, design. Literally everything.

The way I speak is eloquent.

My hair is very loose casual undone

I make beautiful black and white drawings.

people compliment my decor sense sometimes. i like photography.

Home decoration.

I'm into interior design. The way I arrange things is as distinct and specific to me as how I dress.

My Art. :)

I have style opinions in every physical aspect of my life, up to and including the books I read.

A lot of our house has a scandi style.

My desk at work is a space of self-expression and style for me. For a while, my Instagram feed might have been as well, but now I've pulled back from social media and post very rarely.


Not really

I really honestly don't.

I enjoy looking at expensive wallpaper online and fantasizing about home improvement projects which never ever come to life.

I'm a decent classical pianist and a competent cook. I've got a green thumb, but I mostly grow succulents and water-rooted plants.

I'm very into interior design and think I have a knack for it.

Mmmm, good question: Maybe this: I try to buy as much unprocessed Food as possible, mostly organic and I try to process (mostly cook) it myself. I try to have Things that last a Lifetime, especially furniture. I cannot understand People that buy new furniture just because they think they have to and not because something is broken. Sustainablitiy in that way is important to me. I try to make my ecological Footprint as small as possible which is not always easy.

as a visual artist I suppose I do

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