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26. Do you have style in any areas of your life aside from fashion?

I like hand written letters a whole lot. I have a lot of notebooks and and pretty good at keeping journals. I am trying to cultivate a little library. I think home stylings are pretentious, but admittedly I take a long time to buy things like cute lunch boxes, sheets, teacups, target throw rugs. I love pins, desk decor, and knick knacks. I do feel that some people are better at it than I am, though.

In writing, my style is a lot similar to my fashion style. I try to be funny, tender, colorful, strong and balanced in both areas.

I'd like to think I have taste in the area of food, as opposed to style. I'd like to think the same of interior decoration - I love to decorate my house and fill it with nice things, but I'd like to think that what I am filling my house with now is stuff that I'll still like in 20 years time, because it has meaning and purpose and significance, as opposed to being something I've bought because it's "in".

I love the way my house looks, that is extremely important to me.

I style every aspect of my one would like to waste time in something that's not worth.

I'm a photographer and I hope I have a style I try to but sometimes I don't think it works.

Yes music

I find that I'm much more open to color and variation in my apartment than I am within my closet. That said, most of my furniture and decor has been handed down from family members. Lucky for me, they are stylish collectors. I did just buy my first "adult" sofa, though! It's West Elm, and I was planning to go with a neutral tone, but ended up picking a nice blue tone (think overdyed indigo)... I surprised myself.

yes, I decorate my home with care, and collect artwork that I am proud to own and that has some consistent pattern to it. I shop almost 100% consignment for everything in my life so I am never getting the same stuff that others own from shopping at IKEA or Pottery barn.

I am an artist. I have been told and believe I have a clear artistic style.

Not that I know of

Elegantly expressing what I think. Laying the table just so. Decluttering the mind. Making a beautiful home.

Reading and writing. Communication. Home décor—my home décor style corresponds with my clothing style. These stylistic choices are all reflective of my personality.

I don't think so... Maybe, everyone has his own expression style but... i can't say!

I’m a designer and I’m also quite opinionated so I guess I have a style or certain tendencies or preferences in lots of things I do, say, think and create.

Yes, i'm also into art, interior, architecture and photography.

As an artist I feel that I have a certain style, in my practical artmaking as well as my writing. Although this does change from time to time.

I haven't discovered it yet

Knitting crochet embroidery

Yes – I'm an artist in various ways, particularly photography and music. I also write code for websites for a living, and there's a lot of style involved in writing efficient and effective code.

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