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26. Do you have style in any areas of your life aside from fashion?

Yes - in my writing, in my choice of meals and coffees and teas, and in my ability to discern what looks like a photograph that is shot with style, or even a bicycle (or helmet for that matter) that seems superior or somehow more aesthetically pleasing. Style could involve a deliberate choice - e.g., how you readi on a deck, cross your legs, greet a person, the way you drive a car Style could be evident in the books you choose to read, the markets you shop at or the newspapers you read, but I am not one to judge. Style could also mean something that invites curiosity or attention.
There could be style in a tomato or a carrot or even a squash… style might indicate a sort of modernity or freshness….

Everything I do has a style! Everything you do has a style! A style is an unavoidable way, an avenue, a purposeful action. Everyone has a way of taking out the trash because they’re doing it. There’s no way around it.

my handwriting, my bookshelves

I like to style our apartment, although because we've moved every year for the past six years or something like that I'm not at an ideal state style wise in our place - for example I currently loathe our bedroom. I also believe we have style in our online and business presentation, we've taken care with our websites and business cards and I'm always cognizant of projecting a professional and upbeat style in our e-mails etc. I also like to express style through gift giving - I like to find unique and interesting gifts for people. And of course, I have my own personal style when it comes to my writing. I'm developing my style in the writing world every day and I am quite happy with the results of the evolution so far.

Decorating and painting walls. I choose good colors.

I definitely have a speaking style.

I like to buy art from local people when I can. Apart from that, I am trying to learn how to furnish a home that doesn't just look like, “Here's some crap I acquired.”

Since I spend more time in bed than I used to, I am quite pleased with my menagerie of animal pillows. One is an astronaut bear, one has two love birds, and another is a pigeon in a fedora, smoking. I did buy one shaped like a bat, but my son took it.

Yes, I think so. I like my apartment to look a certain way. If I had a car I'd probably prefer a certain car. Once I have my own house it will look like me. It's important to me to be surrounded with stuff that feels right.

I guess I have a writing style.
Sure I do.
Here it is.

Probably not.

home and music

home, art, photography, cars

Home decorating. Even my son said, it's the decorations in your house that make it happy (and he's right). You spend a lot of time in your home, and it should be a reflection of you and your style. I got outvoted by my kids buying a new couch last year; I thought we should be more practical and buy a neutral color and punch it up with pillows, but my kids voted hot pink couch. HOT PINK COUCH. Love.

Home and food.

I think I have an okay eye for photography, but I don’t collect.

I like the way I address people. It's polite yet direct.

So much of what I do in life, personally and professionally, has an aesthetic dimension, whether it’s visual or gestural. Clothes are one expression.

My apartment feels very comfortable to me, so it probably reflects my style. Brown couch. Green and white walls. White bookshelf. Lots of good books, and a few old kids books for when I feel anxious. Photos of family, friends, my boyfriend's family and friends. Odds and ends—seashells, a white and blue vase, a wooden fish mobile—which remind me of places I've lived or traveled. Things that make me feel comfortable. The two best things I own are both hand-me-downs from my grandmother: a little wood-fronted radio and an orange hard-bodied Amelia Earhart suitcase. They're special and beautiful partly because I didn't have to think about them. I didn't see them in a store and say “these would look special and beautiful in my apartment, wrap 'em up!” My grandma just gave them to me. Having at least one relation with good taste is helpful in life.

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