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27. Can you recall some times when you have dressed a particular way to calm yourself or gain a sense of control over a situation that scared you?

Clothes have no effect on how I feel or think about myself
Whatever I wear (or nothing at all) I am the same person, with the same abilities and competencies

I purchanced a few items of comfortable lounge wear including underwear when I wore these it helped me to destress and put me in the mindset of looking after myself.

I have a black silk jumper that I slip into. No bra. No nothing. I feel free in my movement, comfortable, covered, beautiful.

I was at a low point and saw a therapist for support. Those sessions were triggering and intense. I would stop at the department store down the street afterward and do my makeup, buy makeup. It calmed me and helped me project a confident face in spite of my inner state.

I have been known to dress a little more provocatively at a club if I don't feel centered emotionally. Men are good at distracting me from being too self-conscious and stuck in my head.


On days when I'm not feeling my best, I'll make a little more effort to look better than I'm feeling.

i wore warm clothes so i don't freeze and don't panic.

Yes, my friends wedding. I had to wear what made me feel good, so that I can freely enjoy the wedding.



For both job interviews and funerals I spend an inordinate amount of time shopping for and/or selecting an outfit. On one hand I don't think it really matters in either instances, but in both situations little feels fully in my control other than my clothes so I focus on them.

Yes, I have used clothes for safety. Quite literally for awhile, combat boots to feel safer and stronger.

Yeah dressing up is fun and is a form of stress relief, whenever I get the chance to.

Throwing a jacket on to look more dressy

dressing up for a party -- if I feel pretty I won't be so nervous about going.

when i was at my thinnest, in the throes of an eating disorder, wearing tight pants or showing off my body made me finally feel almost equal to the cool girls at college.

i feel comforted by big puffy coats even if they look silly.

My dressier clothes in particular are chosen to convey the idea that I'm confident, classic, calm, unique and put-together. Wearing them helps me feel confident, if for some reason I'm not feeling it that day!

The more scared or unsettled I feel the more I want to cloak myself in layers. I feel more protected in big sweaters or jackets. Showing as little skin as possible is calming.

Absolutely, dressing as conservatively as possible whenever I go on an interview.

I shaved my head last year and rocked a buzz cut for a few months. I went to my partner's sister's wedding with a #2 and got a lot of compliments about that.

Yes, every time I leave the house and have to meet people

In my childish times

4-inch block heels are my armor or maybe my security blanket. I'm 5'8'' tall, and I feel confident walking into a room at 6-feet tall.

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