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27. Can you recall some times when you have dressed a particular way to calm yourself or gain a sense of control over a situation that scared you?

Yes I have many times that what I was wearing helped me to feel more confident and assured.


The last couple of weeks in fact I have felt very scattered and stressed. I've found that today is my first 'no make up day' for a long while as during this stressful period I would make a big effort to make myself up to look good and to feel at least happy with my appearance, if not for what I was feeling inside.

Getting married. I was...uncertain about the family situation that was happening with my future inlaws (and it's just gotten weirder over the years) so instead of the white dress I had, I wore the navy blue strapless dress. I did look like a million bucks, but I wore it to piss them off.
It certainly did. I felt much better.

whenever i feel stressed about working or not in the mood to work, i always get completely ready and do my hair, makeup, the works. it makes me feel like I'm in control and can tackle anything and be anything.

Yes. Job interviews, for exmple.

I find that I always wear expensive lingerie under my outfit to give me an extra boost of confidence.

When I have a big meeting, I wear heels to look taller and feel more confident. I wear solid colours and no big accessories so that they can focus on what I am saying.

When I feel scared or tired, I wear an old old blue jumper with a hoodie so I can pretend to hide from the world

When I miss my Dad, I wear his grey cashmere sweater sometimes.... or I did, when I lived in places with a real winter

yes. stage-rehearsal Meistersinger. No main-character was there. Trombone-Player getting on my nerves. and I had just quit my job. I knew my boss would be watching my work very closely

Every day. It's my choice and my dopamine rush and I never get tired of it.

Sometimes when I'm tired of men and catcalling and all of those things that make me feel unsafe in public, I tend to dress more masculinely. I tone everything down and I usually walk and sit more masculinely too. I even talk with a deeper voice.

The first time I appeared in court (other than my admission to the bar) I wore a really high pair of red high heels. I was up against a really scary female lawyer who had a lot of experience, and so I decided I needed to wear shoes that made me feel tall and powerful. I called them my "fuck you" shoes. In hindsight it was a stupid decision - it's pretty obvious when you're wobbling away with nerves on stiletto heels.

Whenever I have an exam, I dress really well because it makes me feel more confident.

I like wearing soft clothes to calm down

Every few months is time to study for exams......I like to dress up a little during my pauses,it makes me feel relieved.

Yes, I got really dressed up to make myself feel better about myself when I felt like I wasn't beautiful enough

I lived abroad in Argentina for 6 months, while I was in college. I went there with a program, but it was very loosely structured, and I lived on my own and attended the public university. I didn't like that men in that country will comment or leer at any woman not walking with a man. Every dude from 8-80 had something to say or a look to share, and after some beyond-creepy situations (exposure of private parts, harassment, etc.), I wore the baggiest, unsexiest clothing I could find. It didn't help that the local women, even the ones I considered friends who were just looking out for me, told me that my typical "American" way of dressing was lending itself to such behavior from the Argentine men. I gained 25 lbs and wore nothing but oversized t-shirts, loose jeans, and sneakers.

Yes. I remember a fight with my then-husband (before child), when I changed into my pajamas and fetched my beloved cat Francis (a real, live cat) and clutched him to my chest. I wanted to feel just softness and no constriction on my person, and it worked.

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