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27. Can you recall some times when you have dressed a particular way to calm yourself or gain a sense of control over a situation that scared you?

When upset or self conscious I like to wear a big jumper/cardigan/hoodie I can wrap myself up in. If I want to feel confident I wear comfortable heels. I'm 5'9 and if I can get myself to 6'0 or over I feel like I'm physically and mentally dominating the room.

I do not remember any occation when I did that.

dressing cozy when I needed cozy even though it might not have been the 'dress code' is much better than dressing it something that makes me uncomfortable to fit in

an Hermes scarf helps

Yes i have several times, mostly if im going to take lifechanging decitions or in situations i feel unsecure.

I often dress to compensate for a feeling. For example one time I was socially anxious about going to an art exhibition opening. I wore a green leopard print mini skirt, a pink shirt and heeled boots because I thought that a person that would choose that outfit has to be socially confident.

Yes I can. Dressing in a kaftan because I don't want to be anywhere but in the comfort of my room.

Wearing all black, because I feel like that.

Dressing up in color, because I feel like screaming out loud.

I have a big quilted black oversized jacket with a dramatic collar that I wear on days when I need to be cocooned in armor.

Platforms make me power walk. When I power walk I feel like a badass. Anytime I’m scared or stressed I pull out a pair and put ‘em on. Once, as a teenager I was traveling alone and I wore these vintage go go boots. I had the time of my life.

Many. Recently it took me half an hour to find an outfit for a job interview. I was late in the end but confident. I got the job.

When I dress in a way that I feel like suits me, it builds my confidence. For presentations at school, I would always try to dress in a way that I feel pretty, because then I don't mind attention being on me.

I'm afraid most of the time. If only every situation I was in allowed for sweat pants and a big sweater and no bra.


Yes I bought the pretty princess dress for my engagement.

I cannot recall the last time I felt fear.

Yes I have many times that what I was wearing helped me to feel more confident and assured.


The last couple of weeks in fact I have felt very scattered and stressed. I've found that today is my first 'no make up day' for a long while as during this stressful period I would make a big effort to make myself up to look good and to feel at least happy with my appearance, if not for what I was feeling inside.

Getting married. I was...uncertain about the family situation that was happening with my future inlaws (and it's just gotten weirder over the years) so instead of the white dress I had, I wore the navy blue strapless dress. I did look like a million bucks, but I wore it to piss them off.
It certainly did. I felt much better.

whenever i feel stressed about working or not in the mood to work, i always get completely ready and do my hair, makeup, the works. it makes me feel like I'm in control and can tackle anything and be anything.

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