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27. Can you recall some times when you have dressed a particular way to calm yourself or gain a sense of control over a situation that scared you?

Yes, I got really dressed up to make myself feel better about myself when I felt like I wasn't beautiful enough

I lived abroad in Argentina for 6 months, while I was in college. I went there with a program, but it was very loosely structured, and I lived on my own and attended the public university. I didn't like that men in that country will comment or leer at any woman not walking with a man. Every dude from 8-80 had something to say or a look to share, and after some beyond-creepy situations (exposure of private parts, harassment, etc.), I wore the baggiest, unsexiest clothing I could find. It didn't help that the local women, even the ones I considered friends who were just looking out for me, told me that my typical "American" way of dressing was lending itself to such behavior from the Argentine men. I gained 25 lbs and wore nothing but oversized t-shirts, loose jeans, and sneakers.

Yes. I remember a fight with my then-husband (before child), when I changed into my pajamas and fetched my beloved cat Francis (a real, live cat) and clutched him to my chest. I wanted to feel just softness and no constriction on my person, and it worked.

See #14

I always wear a chain wih a pendant shaped like the island of Corsica, when I'm stressed I play with it.

Yes. Whenever I have to speak at a conference, I make sure my outfit is exactly right. I hate it when I'm out of my comfort zone AND my outfit seem off to me.

I will wear a hoodie when it's not cold just so it feels like I can hide inside it.

Not specifically, but I always feel confident in black, and I always feel content and comfortable when I’m wearing a dress. I dress how I feel or how I want to feel.

Maybe i will wear my favourite clothes, or wear jewellery that remind me of something positive. But i don't recall particular moment...

Every single day.

Just dressing and feeling good about my choices (style wise) is enough for me. It doesn't always work, but I can be confident that i look good.

In instances where I have been inherently aware that I was going to see someone I used to date, or that I didn't like, or greatly respected, I have paid far much more attention to what I am wearing.

Yes. Usually when I go to school

Yes when public speaking

I dressed in dark. I always feel better dressed in dark clothing. (Unless it's hot)

My favorite strategy in these situations is to put on a heavy, shapeless coat or sweatshirt, but with fitted pants to keep the legs nimble.

a black turtleneck saved it few times

When I was single, I had a few things I wore that were "lucky" because I always had a good time when I wore them.

I dressed in a blazer and shirt to look professional for an interview.

Yes. Wearing 'crazy pants' fixes everything. (Think MC Hammer pants).

To calm myself - I wear cashmere. Always something soft and unfitted.
To calm myself - I declutter and organise my clothes, and update the clothes spreadsheet.

Yes, at work presenting to a large audience.

Yes. Worn my favourite jeans and a favourite top/sweater on days where I've woken up thinking it was a bad day. Tried to wear more colour on days where I wanted more confidence etc, as I am often pretty muted with blacks, greys, navys etc.

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