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27. Can you recall some times when you have dressed a particular way to calm yourself or gain a sense of control over a situation that scared you?

Yes. Worn my favourite jeans and a favourite top/sweater on days where I've woken up thinking it was a bad day. Tried to wear more colour on days where I wanted more confidence etc, as I am often pretty muted with blacks, greys, navys etc.

Wow, yes. Dresses always make me feel like I have my shit somewhat together.

Wearing black, comfortable but slick clothes.

I started wearing more dark clothing after my Mom died. It was kind of my way of telling the world "don't expect any cheeriness from me"

yes. what we surround ourselves with affects us, including our clothes, so choose wisely.

Sometimes I get anxiety about going out with friends, so I'll put on heels to make me feel powerful.

oh, definitely. Scarves always make me feel better dressed & I've used them a couple times to reassure myself.

I find it very calming to come home after work and finally get to take off my shoes, clothes, especially bra, and get into something comfortable and probably unflattering.
In anticipation of suffering through the ordeal of modern day airplane travel I dress with an eye toward easy on/ off shoes, easy belt or no belt, layers for too hot or too cold, etc. all while trying to look stylish enough not to embarrass myself.

Wearing a cashmere jumper makes me feel safer. But at the same time, sometimes it panics me because I get too hot in it.

Red lipstick is my armour.

Some days, it's all about protective covering.

Yes, job interviews.

colorful clothes are better

not really

Aprons make me focus, so I can concentrate on writing or making things. Strange.

Job interviews

Yes I wear colors to perk myself up. Black to seem more sever. Suit jackets to appear and feel more business like. i always wear a suit jacket or a tailored jacket to the bank. I wear special jewellery on the plane as a talisman.

When I'm nervous because of a presentation or some important events I always try to wear stuff in which I feel most comfortable and that is just me. Then I feel good.

Dating. I know there's that stereotype about women standing in front of a mirror trying to decide what to wear or calling their friends for advice. I'm a very socially anxious person and so whenever I've had a date with someone I really liked, it's been helpful for me to be deliberate on what I wore. Actually, I guess it can help in any social situation.

Well, an oversize sweater is always very comforting, and I've got some sentimental rings, Papa's ring and my Odins hammer that make me strong.

Yes. I wear mostly black clothes because they make me feel protected from losing my energy, as well as a tougher than I actually am.

I remember when I had my really important Spanish exams , I was planning my outfit for a week. When I had the speaking test I was feeling really confident about myself and I passed.

Keeping more covered up to avoid male attention when travelling alone.

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