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29. Did your parents teach you things about clothing, care for your clothing, dressing or style? What lessons do you remember? Or did you just pick things up?

I don't know - not a lot, really. I sort of figured it out on my own. And it took a while.

My mother was bad at caring for her clothes growing up. In her walk-in closet, she's got about 200 sweaters on a shelf at the top. The sweaters are cotton, angora, wool, and everything else. The collection spans from the 1980's onward. My mother keeps everything, but she should have let it go long ago. That way there wouldn't be moths. So I guess I try and avoid that. Just don't look in my closet.

My mom taught me to dress modestly. Beyond that, I picked things up because I saw fashion as a form of self-expression.

My mom taught me that quality is worth the money, and worth the effort to maintain it. She also taught me to show off just one body part at a time; no cleavage AND legs. Choose one and go with it.

growing up middle class in the 80's i was used to getting new clothes and doing recreational shopping

My mom taught me to always bring a sweater and how to iron, I'm sure there are other things too, but I've mostly picked things up myself.

We were poor, I was taught at an early age to appreciate what I have. I always appreciate my ability to dress they way I want.

My father was a pattern cutter, my mother made a lot of our clothes. Both were very stylish. We never had any money, so care of clothes was very important. At the same time Dad sometimes brought home samples from wherever he was working so I have a simultaneous, contradictory attitude of "easy come, easy go"

My father is a big believer in quality and looking after your clothes, he also buys many of the same thing when he finds the perfect thing. My mother likes to thrift shop and has passed the hunt for something you didn't even know you were looking for down to me.

picked it up

They taught me how to feel good about fashion, and about my body, and how to always look like I made an effort, never dirty or frumpy.

My mom was big on us not spilling on our clothes, which seems kind of duh, but I freak out when I get something on my clothes. Stain remover and I are very close. She also never wanted us to be the kids who wore pjs or sweats as an outfit, which has definitely stuck with me.

My father taught me how to treat leather shoes. And what grease to use. I am eternally grateful.

My parents let me dress however I wanted. My mom taught me how to find things at thrift stores by buying all our clothes from them. Mostly I learned what my style was by thrift shopping, sorting through hand-me-downs, and cutting things up.

I always threw away underwear if there was a menstrual stain because I didn’t want my father, who did the laundry, to know. He found them in the garbage and taught me how to wash them and get the stain out. My parents also did not buy a lot of clothes for me. I mostly had one or two things and slept in my underwear. It was easy on them this way because they didn't spend a lot of money on clothes for me and I could dress myself and not get it wrong as a kid.

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