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29. Did your parents teach you things about clothing, care for your clothing, dressing or style? What lessons do you remember? Or did you just pick things up?

My mom guided me though style, but I didn't buy work out clothes until I was 20. Mom doesn't believe in work out clothes but I love them. I learn just by being out in the world. I pick up what I need to re: clothes.

My mom always told me to pick classic pieces like black and white shift dresses, a-line dresses, pearls, oxford shirts and dark-wash jeans. I would say that's the base of my wardrobe, with a lot of more fun stuff mixed in.

My mother's treatment of clothing is immaculate - she is the best person at washing and ironing and caring for clothes. Unfortunately I can't say that I demonstrate the same level of care for my clothes, and that's something that would disappoint her, I think. But what my parents have taught me about clothing and dressing and what has stuck with me is that you need to dress for the occasion, you need to always have something warm with you and you need to wear clothes that you like - not the clothes the magazines tell you that you have to wear.

Take care of what you have. Iron your clothes, hand wash when you need to. I prefer older, well cared for clothes a lot more than new clothes that I am not used to yet.

My dad doesn't even know what's a ponytail but he compliments my hairstyles so,yea,we're a good team.

I was never taught what to wear I chose my path on my own

My stepmom definitely did. She always had a lot of very, very nice things, and she took excellent care of them. She bought me a suede brush and showed me how to store and upkeep my nicer items. She bought me a Chanel purse, and had me hand the woman at Neiman Marcus the bills, so that I could be aware of how much that bag actually cost. I pretty much never use it, because it's SO nice, and I am super careful about keeping it stuffed and in its dust bag, etc.

I learned to love hats and good quality clothing from my mother. I also learned my love of thrift-shopping from her. She is an incredible thrift shopper, even better than I am.

I learned more about fit when I worked for a dressmaker, and then in theatre costume shops. Since then, I've been more conscientious of when something can fit better, and I take things to a tailor. I learned how to care for clothes when working in theatre--all the tricks for repairing clothing and relying on cobblers to keep your shoes going.

Not really. I learned how to sow a bit (and forgot) and how to iron (which I don't do). That's about it.

Yes, they did. It's hard to remember.

My fmily only think that clothes exist to cover up your "dirty bits" and to keep you warm. That shouldbe the priority. Beauty comes not even second, probably 4th or 5th, after, practicality, price and so on.

My mum did not believe in flat shoes.

I learned to dress myself when I realised I just wore random stuff as a kid lol

Don’t dry delicate items in the dryer. Iron.

Probably, but i don't remember.

My mum still takes clothes off my back if they are not ironed because she is worried I look ‘uncared for’.

Yes, my mom has been very into fashion and quality clothing. I wore burberry dresses at 4 years old. I was very independant as a child (and as a teen), and wore what i felt like, but now as i am an adult we have more in common. My education helped the most.

My father has nothing to do with my sense of fashion or knowledge of clothing!
My mother taught me good ways to care for my clothing, how to care for different fabrics and remove stains. Though I also use google for this.

Nope ny parents just told me with what I think is right. And if I feel that changing my style to something better is a good idea

Mother- no, Father- fold clothes properly, everything else learnt from my maternal grandmother

I picked up the majority of things from my friends and my own surroundings.

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