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29. Did your parents teach you things about clothing, care for your clothing, dressing or style? What lessons do you remember? Or did you just pick things up?

They never learned me about that in life.

Yes! no busy patterns on busy patterns! wear jeans that don't stretch. dont wear short skirts or clothes that are too tight. Dont wear branding or slogans that you dont support or understand.

No they didnt teach me. I just watched. My mother impulsively shopped, but she was very stylish and I remember people complimenting her style.

My mom was very pragmatic about some things - undergarments and eye wear: A white, nude, and black bra; inexpensive cotton briefs. Wire frame glasses from costco. When I finally could, as an adult, I secretly really enjoyed dropping money on gorgeous stylish glasses frames, colorful bras, and nice underwear. I will never wear a nude bra again if I can help it.

I feel like I taught them more than they taught me!! My dad is a professor and constantly asks what the ‘young kids like nowadays’. Mi madré could care less about what she wears, but she puts in more effort than she used to.

My parents taught me pretty little, now that you mention it. As long as it wasn't inappropriate for a situation, I was mostly allowed to wear what I wanted. Hence why that "grandma on vacation" phase even happened. (Thanks, Mom.)


No. I pick style which was right for my age.

My adoptive parents set such a poor example of what to be, I prefer to say that they taught me WHAT NOT TO WEAR. I was an avid reader of "Seventeen" magazine when it was an over-sized publication. I picked things up from the colleges I attended.

Yes my mother and grandmother was always teaching me to take of my clothes and to appreciate what I had.

I remember my mom used to let me pick my outfits for school, so that's kind of taught me that nobody can tell me what I can or can't wear.

I reckon I just picked things up... I was very into fashion when I was younger and would make collages out of mums old fashion magasines ! I definitely learnt a lot through that.

My mother taught me to sew, and taught me to buy the best I could afford and not buy a lot. So I feel like I've spent my clothing selection life searching for one really nice suit I can never find. There's always an unfinished seam or a cheap zipper between me and almost all the clothes in the world, and I can hear my mother (who died over 30 years ago) tell me: do you really want to fix that? Is it worth it? What else is wrong with it?

i was taught how to care for a lot of clothing, but most style ideas have come from either the internet or walking round streets.

My mom taught me to sew and knit. She also taught me to repair clothes. Both my parents wear clothes until trash, I'm not able to do that. Yet?

My parents always taught me to be practical with my clothing - easy to care for, keeps you dressed for the season etc. However most of the lessons I learnt were learned through working in retail which required it just to be picked up; washing items, folding and storage etc.

yes, we (the kids) were responsible for checking our school uniform was ironed and free of any tears or missing buttons. we also had to polish our own shoes - My Dad taught me how.

so I think checking for the condition of my clothes, having things repaired quickly when needed and keeping an eye on my shoes is what I learn. It is great to be friends with an excellent tailor and cobbler.

not at all

My father told me how to walk on high heels.

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