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29. Did your parents teach you things about clothing, care for your clothing, dressing or style? What lessons do you remember? Or did you just pick things up?

My father has nothing to do with my sense of fashion or knowledge of clothing!
My mother taught me good ways to care for my clothing, how to care for different fabrics and remove stains. Though I also use google for this.

Nope ny parents just told me with what I think is right. And if I feel that changing my style to something better is a good idea

Mother- no, Father- fold clothes properly, everything else learnt from my maternal grandmother

I picked up the majority of things from my friends and my own surroundings.

No, I just picked things up.

My mother taught me to care for clothing. Don't wash wool or it will fit the dog, not you anymore.

Not really!
I remember being angry at my mother last year because a friend let slip that you're suppose to wash things in hot water that are prone to sweat (gym gear, occasionally).
I'm probably not being fair to my Mum. She probably wanted to tell me stuff, but I just wasn't engaged as a teenager. My parents somewhat encouraged me to follow my own style (unless it involved 'grunge' - my Dad set fire to a pair of vintage flares I loved as a protest in the 90s because he despised them so much). This just spurred me on to wear crazier stuff. He never did that again.

Always change into less expensive house clothes when you get home.

My mom, grandmother and my aunt always had a lot of style and they thought me about self confidence, not to be afraid of trying new things and be honest about what works or not for my body and personality.

Always put your clothes away and treat your clothes with respect (I don't always follow).

Don't really know.

When I was young my mom made most of my clothes, and I was able to choose what she made and with what materials and details. She made everything to fit perfectly. This set me up to be fairly picky about the fit and quality of clothes I buy. She also taught me to examine the stitching and every detail of an item before buying it. I started taking very good care of my laundry after my mom stretched out a tank top in the wash. Generally I take very good care of my things because I can't expect to be able to afford to replace them at any given time.

practicality. layers.

They definitely have. My parents were always concerned with dressing us tastefully growing up that have affect my whole fashion outlook.

My mom did teach me about caring for clothes. Many in my family worked in textiles and garment industries when I was growing up. I also worked there as a teen. So we learned about what to look for in clothing construction. We also learned about vanity sizing and how changing the designers label on an article can increase the price for no reason other than that little tag.

I remember often wearing bold pieces of clothing when I was younger and when I would go through to the kitchen for breakfast my dad would always comment on them. So I often felt self conscious when leaving my room for the first time in the morning.

My mother taught me to cover the boobs to be a respectable woman. She also abhors my red lipstick. Says its "too forward'. My father taught me not to let the "bits" show too much, lest one invite unwanted attention....but he also taught me how to throw a punch. How's that for conflicting messages?

I was the youngest of four girls, so I got a lot of hand me downs. Mostly I picked up ideas from women and men I liked.

not really. my father taught me to do laces and my mother taught me how to do a tie. my brother taught me how to wear a waistcoat, but I learnt how to do a bow tie and the correct way to roll up my sleeves. I learnt everything I Know about make up from the internet.

yes they worked in fashion

Not really, they didn't have much spare money and I wore hand me downs and home made things so maybe that's where I got my love of vintage and second hand from and making the most out of cast offs. Also having a couple of very nice items to wear for best.

I was taught to put my clothing away at day's end.
And to kep my drawers organized. My maternal grandmother was particularly insistent on organizing drawers full of clothing. And attics.
My father worked in NYC and bought clothing from Barney's before it was a cool, fashion-y place to shop. Mom shoped at Lord & Taylor back in the day, Saks, Bergdoffs, Best & Co. Not Macy's. They taught me to regognize good workmanship, i.e. quality, and to buy natural fiber clothing: shetland wool, silk, cashmere, egyptian cotton, belgian and irish linen. And to shop bargains too, thrift and TJ Maxx.

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