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32. If dressing were the only thing you did, and you were considered an expert and asked to explain your style philosophy, what would say?

Clothing has to fit form and function.
You need to dress appropriate to your body shape and to the task at hand.
Comfort above all else.
If you're going on a date: make doubly sure to be comfortable as you want your date to be attracted to you not to a false image.

do you.

wear what you want, and worry about the laundry later.

I wouldn't know what to say.

I guess I'd say that I wear clothes that make me happy, because I like the color, or the fabric, or the way it shows off my legs, or the mood it puts me in. I mean, you have to wear clothes, so you might as well get some enjoyment out of wearing them, right?

Each piece has a spirit. Clothes talk to each other and the body that is wearing them. Pieces that should never go together logically do on the right woman. For every woman, there are these odd combinations that only she can wear. Find these for yourself. Wear things that you cherish.

My style philosophy is comfort. I do what feels right. Some days that's a purple overall-skirt with a crop top and thigh high socks, other days it's a silk party dress, and other days it's cut up, drawn on green pants with a big sweater. But no matter what, it's comfort, emotionally or physically.

I’m like a circle-maker. The line I drew to make the circle doesn’t always have to be perfect or the same. The point is to get back, to go back to the beginning to close it.

More than anything you want to be comfortable in your clothes so that you can forget what you're wearing.

I think I specifically try to avoid making fashion the main thing in my life because I have no idea how to answer this question. I should never be considered a fashion expert. I would do something terrible like try to make 'not showering' into a fashion trend.

You have to find what looks right for you, what flatters your body and also makes you feel happy. Fashion is nothing. Fashion is a stupid tyranny.
Beauty comes from the inside. Find a smart woman to help you, maybe, a trusted friend.
I get so angry when I see women made miserable about their looks. You do not have to tolerate this misery. Consider the source, people.

Eighteenth-century Neapolitan crèche figure as interpreted in quilting fabric? Probably that. My personal motto is “Believe in the fantasy,” and I try to live it every day. if you look at the history of art and at pictures of women around the world today, lots of archetypal women wear long single pieces of fabric—in India, Africa, Eastern Europe—and that’s what I do too. It seems counterintuitive to say this, but the rationale is that by dressing in one long piece we’re actually conserving fabric for future purposes, because instead of cutting up this beautiful fabric and ending up with one piece of clothing and a lot of scraps, the long panels can actually be worn a number of ways. When I find scraps, though, I work them up into new pieces. My style of sewing is fairly talentless—any woman could do it. But the overall effect is unique.

You could probably sum up my style philosophy by saying "Life is too short to wear boring clothes".

I’m very aware of colour and texture, and bring these aspects to bear on the less commonly considered elements of dressing – socks, jewelry, underwear, eyewear – as well as to the obvious ones; with all these parts now in the mix, shape and drape are then introduced into the composition. Harmonizing these things doesn’t necessarily mean making everything match, but rather finding balance and complementarity between them.
I also like to think about including some humour or levity, which is often achieved with colour, and/or print.
And, finally, though foremost, dressing is narrative; it’s the evocation of story, conjuring forth the worlds within us at a visual and tactile level, and connecting to the worlds around us. All that means that it’s really important to be self-aware, so that the story is true – so that the self seen is congruent with the self shepherded forward out outward. So, I guess it’s then important, for some, to have the boldness to bring self out, true self, so that we’re sharing true stories.

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