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32. If dressing were the only thing you did, and you were considered an expert and asked to explain your style philosophy, what would say?

I wear what suits me, discreet/ private, not over fussy, colour coordinated, block colours

My style philosophy is to combine things that are unconventional (ex: formal evening gowns and cheap spiky jewelry from Hot Topic). Also, the number one rule of fashion is following proportions. It's hard to explain without a visual guide, but you know what I mean.

my style philosophy is to chose your clothes:
to be enough comfortable and simple to move in so you will be able to build a yurt in the kazakh steppe in them and/or sleep in them
to be enough put together so you won't be ashamed to sit in a fancy cafe in them
to be enough unusual and interesting so you can go to see some alternative concert in them

Wear color close to your face and know what colors look good on you. Remember what you were wearing when you were complimented. I. Always wear warm colors not cool.

(my dream philosophy that I aspire to...) Clothes that were ethically and sustainably produced (that also promote good post-purchase care) are classic and well produced/good quality, transcend seasons and fads. Are made of fibres that feel great both for their textural feeling and the story behind their production. Probably a minimal palette.

Cut first.
Colour second (preferably no patterns).
Texture third.

They all have to be right before you should buy or wear.

I have been told that I dress with style and people ask me to accompany them shopping. I focus completely on them and work very hard to get the right result. It's taken for granted as people think that's how I like to spend my time. I don't really.


Wear what makes you feel beautiful and you will be beautiful. Beauty from within is a reflect of what you see when you look in the mirror.

Wear things that make you feel like you are starring in your own life. Because like, you are. Wear things that make you proud to tell your stories.

just do it.

Find what makes you look good + makes you feel confident. Draw attention to your assets without going overboard. A slutty tank top is never a "must have."

Can't really wrap my mind around the idea of being an expert or having a style philosophy. I guess my philosophy would be dress for comfort.Don't be a slave to your clothes or the idea that you are nothing without clothes that shout MONEY. Or, " I'm better than you because of what I am wearing".

Sometimes you want to go for something really out there, but because of experience, you've learned that in the long run you actually prefer things which are a bit safer.

Pick clothes that appeal to you. Dont dress for the myriad of expectations society put on you.

confuse people.

icone chic

it's an expressive art form, use your creativity, also wear what suits YOU not what fashion dictates, or what you should do, or "what's trending", if you can sew use that talent if you can't accesorise and add individuality.

Read my book.

take time in the.mirror, be practical, analyze your life style and activities, make a difference from the rest, never follow fashion. Follow trends trends, mix and match old and new stuff

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