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32. If dressing were the only thing you did, and you were considered an expert and asked to explain your style philosophy, what would say?

I think that is a very hypothetical notion, but I think what I'd do is sort of look at it from a bird's eye view perspective. Does that person look happy from afar? Is he or she able to move down the street or meet a friend for lunch or a late night iced cream with ease ? That is what is most important. I wouldn't dwell too much on style, since it runs the risk of taking first place to the more meaningful things in life. I think simplicity is key.

I would talk about radical feminist nuns, or I'd just tell stories about different parts of my outfit.

I have a very specific style, I call it Clown Chic and I try to buy things that suit that style. My philosophy is that style is an art form and a chance to really express yourself. I love it when people smile at me because of my clothes, I love when they stare, mouth agape, I love when they hope out of their cars to get pictures with me, I love when they frown in disapproval. Your style can say something about you, but also about those looking at you. So my philosophy is: express yourself and don't be afraid of colour!


This stuff hanging off your body should make you feel better about being in the world, not worse!

Yikes, what a concept. If dressing were the only thing I did, I'd be peeling off clothes all day and putting on other clothes. I'd been seen as a nutter and everyone would take several steps backwards, as they should. The very idea of a 'style philosophy' makes me snort. Poor dear; should we call her therapist?

Find a way to be comfortable. You shouldn't need to think about the outfit as you are wearing it. That will help your confidence shine through.

shit. sexy rock and roll elegance??

Fit Fit Fit. see above answer about finding a good tailor.

Know what works for you. Look at trends, but adapt them to yourself. Know when to hold em, and when to fold em.

NOT an expert so no idea.

Timeless, simple, easy. And, come up with a uniform. Having a uniform will change your life. Say it's black jeans, a silk blouse and leather sandals. Only buy things that are variations on that theme. You will be stylish and stress free forever.

All clothes must be second hand and the dress is the basic unit of any outfit. Shoes, hair, makeup, all this is secondary after the dress. The dress is like the day's diary entry, it must match up with the balance of feelings inside me.

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