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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

Be socially acceptable

Usually comfort.

At work, or when meeting new people - the energy of confidence, competence, and control. When dressing casually, the energy of confidence and a good time.

Color coordination..appropriate for work

A unique, effortless look.

It depends. Sometimes to feel clothes the least. Sometimes I like their stiffness, it gives me holding.


comfortable wear and good feeling wearing that dress on that day.


Ultimate beauty and self-expression...yeah.


to be covered and to like the way I look. Sometimes to be a particular character.

i want to look like i don't give a shit. like a battle-hardened knight in a raincoat and blundstones. i'm compensating for my baby face, while also dressing for it.

Feel comfortable, confident and true to myself. And trying to look less tired than usual!

Integration of my different selves. Self expression, harmony.

I wan to simply be happy and comfortable with whatever I'm wearing and which won't interfere with my current mood at that moment. For example: If I'm feeling lazy today, I won't take out time and effort to dress up in an impressive way. In that case, I would probably just pick up the cloths that are on the top of the pile and wear them. I will save my good clothes for other good reasons which will contribute to my good mood, whenever.

An outward expression of my inner being.

Comfort, expression, looking cool. Simplicity and functionality.

Looking like myself, reflecting what I want people to see in me

That people could say that I really dress nice and comfortable

it depends on the day. Sometimes I want my clothing to blend in while still being representative of my style. Other times, I'm dressing to show off a pair of shoes I love or convey a certain image.

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