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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

Comfort, expression, looking cool. Simplicity and functionality.

Looking like myself, reflecting what I want people to see in me

That people could say that I really dress nice and comfortable

it depends on the day. Sometimes I want my clothing to blend in while still being representative of my style. Other times, I'm dressing to show off a pair of shoes I love or convey a certain image.


It depends on what I am doing. I work as a freelancer from my home Office. But when I go out buying groceries in my neighbourhood, I wear my everyday garments and I try not to be so visible that is to say one man in the crowd.
Sometimes when I go to a special event I Dress really Fancy. I want People to look at me thinking: 'This is a man who Looks different!' or 'This is a man who has the Courage to wear this.'

wearing a second layer of my skin to represent myself. sometimes wonder if I'm incredibly materialistic but I just love to dress with what I love.

that I am a person of interest
although not in a criminal way

comfort and stroke

To feel confindent and relaxed, what others think is less important to me.

Comfort no matter what I face during the day even if its a surprise.

Clothes that enhance my natural beauty and support my activities.

I’m trying to achieve absolute comfy. And hot as all get-out.

With luck, I will not be stared at.

I try to catch people eye.

REALLY?? Achievement in my vocabulary does NOT have anything to do with attire. If anything, I attempt to please myself & be comfortable for that day's activities.

To look nice.

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