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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

that I am a person of interest
although not in a criminal way

comfort and stroke

To feel confindent and relaxed, what others think is less important to me.

Comfort no matter what I face during the day even if its a surprise.

Clothes that enhance my natural beauty and support my activities.

I’m trying to achieve absolute comfy. And hot as all get-out.

With luck, I will not be stared at.

I try to catch people eye.

REALLY?? Achievement in my vocabulary does NOT have anything to do with attire. If anything, I attempt to please myself & be comfortable for that day's activities.

To look nice.

that i can accomplish the tasks that day- ie going to work and not accidentally flashing people at work when i bend over.

Power. And weather appropriate clothing. Temperature related comfort.

I want to feel good about myself when I walk out the door. This includes multiple factors:

1. I don't want to look like a slob, because then I'll feel like one. So my outfit has to have some effort behind it.
2. Confidence is important, so my outfit has to have the right balance of covering and revealing.
3. There has to be something cool/interesting/unique about my outfit, since it gives me a sense of pride to have come up with that uniqueness.

To feel comfortable through the day. Not too hot or cold, no too weird clothes.

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