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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

To feel comfortable through the day. Not too hot or cold, no too weird clothes.


feeling confident

Do I feel beautiful? Ready for the full day if I can't change? Is there an obvious element to this that I feel most like myself? Maybe I want to highlight a particular piece. Some noticeable some just for me. Is it a LOOK? I like to pick a decade or for what the occasion is. Cute girl in coffee shop maybe I'll wear a sweater I feel cute and cozy in. Movie date I'll go with slick jeans, boots, a red lip and a bandanna. If it's the summer I have a collection of sweet light weight dresses with keds I feel incredible in. If I catch a glimpse of myself, I want to smile.

Comfort, style and a hidden belly!

Sexy and business

I want to feel free to express myself whyle being comfortable and flashy.

to look good

Confidence within myself

I am trying to show authority for my role, and confidence in my presentation. And I want to look pretty and show that I have a nice figure, but that I am not overtly sexual. I'm your cool kid sister.

Capturing my inner spirit.


A sense of style that says: I know what I'm doing here.

I am trying to achieve control, comfort, and attractiveness. The best version of myself; an outward expression of my inner state.

Not being naked... putting my favourite colors on me? I really don't have any goals...beside not being naked or cold.

I want to put on an outfit every day that I know no one else in the world is wearing.

To look and feel good.

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