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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

Self-expression, amusing myself, feeling good about myself.

To express myself.

i want it to be clear that i respected myself and the people i will see- that will be reflected in how i present myself to the world.

A look that says I didn't try very hard, I feel comfortable and I'm ready for anything.

Confidence (and warmth)

Comfort and being appropriate for the occasion.

To wear something coordinated, creative, with a punch of color, that I feel comfortable and confident in. Comfort is my biggest goal. My holy grail is finding comfortable, stylish and affordable shoes.

Looking good & feeling good in what I'm wearing

To not freeze to death, to feel good n it, and to not give a heartattack to my supervisor. Sometimes, if I have to meet people who do not know me yet, I make an effort to look more serious, aka less goth.

I would like to achieve a sense of uniformity, still trying to get there.

Grace and beauty.

A sense of readiness and assuredness

When I dress myself, I am trying to accomplish a lot of things. One of which is definitely about establishing control of my body and my personal space. Something I feel about how I dress is a juxtaposition about how I might be perceived: I don't want to look like I don't care about myself but also don't want to seem unnatural.


To be me.

A consistency, a statement, a flattering look, something that will work in all cases no matter what the day throws at me.

A pulled-together appearance that looks like I put more thought into it than I really did.

The rapture of feeling soignee
before 40, the envious compliments of other women

I am trying to achieve different things for different occasions. When I attended class, I wanted to wear something interesting and fun but comfortable for class. For a day at home, I sometimes stay in my pjs all day, trying to achieve absolute comfort and sloth. When I go to work, I dress as a woman who is well-put together but who likes to dance and chat.

I want to look like a boarding-school junkie on the cusp of expulsion.

not embarrassing myself

I spent the summer of 2005 in Paris and it was there I learned how to dress. Thing is, people tend to think I look like a kid and so I’m constantly trying to look a little older. And a little tougher. Style-wise, I pay close attention to people like Audrey Tautou, Michelle Williams, and Audrey Hepburn. I’ve done a lot of teaching over the years and a couple of years ago I was guest-teaching a third-grade class and one little girl asked me if I was from the “big school” she was referring to the high school.
Some days I think it’s great that I look younger than I really am—soon I’ll be 30! But mostly I want people to take me seriously. To treat me like I’m an adult, not a kid, so that’s what I’m going for when I get dressed—I like heels, I like black. I like leather. But I always incorporate a hint of feminine.

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