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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

To achieve a look that is flattering and suits the mood of the place I'm going or what I'll be doing that day.

I am trying to cover parts of my body, like my stomach, and depending on the day want to offer a bold hit of colour, appear blandly neutral, or maybe just fit into my clothes.


I'm trying to project an image, my most ideal feelings about myself.


it depends where i am going

I'm always just trying to look like myself and to make myself feel good in whatever I'm wearing.

Personal satisfaction.

Functionality combined with some sort of representation of who I am or what I like.

It's often a struggle to decide just how much I want to blend in or stand out. I do really enjoy positive attention, but I don't like feeling watched.

Comfort and style.

I'm trying to acheive different things at different times; Sometimes I'm wearing clothes because otherwise I'd be naked, sometimes I'm trying to convince the world of something & sometimes I'm trying to convince myself of something. By day I want to look clean and expensive, by night I want to look dirty and expensive, like a Frenchwoman or a Tom Ford-era Gucci woman. Mostly though I'm just trying to look taller and thinner than I am.

I am generally trying to prepare myself for the elements whilst still looking good according to my parameters.

Comfort and practicality

it depends on the mood/weather/activity/people but usually i try to achieve comfort and confidence

Feeling good.

I'm always trying to look put together and sophisticated, mostly because that look gives me confidence for the the rest of the day.

Comfort, and something a little different. I don't want to blend in. I don't want to make other people comfortable. I don't want to be what anyone expects.

agradar y ser aceptada..aveces que ni se percaten que estoy.

otras comodidad

Comfort and simplicity.

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