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38. What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

looking confident and secure in my own skin
i like to feel sexy but not in the obvious way sometimes simple can be sexy too

being comfortable, being able to ride a bike, feeling pretty, feeling myself

I'm trying to make the version of myself that exists in my head and the version of myself that people can see from the outside correspond in a way that makes me feel powerful and beautiful.

Enhance my personality and body.

I try to enhance the parts of my body that I like the most, feel comfortable and appropriate to a certain extent, and look neat and stylish.

I try to express myself every time that I dress.

on good days, I dress in the morning like I'm going to make love in the afternoon. on bad days I wear too many layers that don't fit well.

Balance, comfort, polish

Don't want to seen out of house with dirty clothes. Never expose rolls or fat

I'm trying to match the things I put over me to my state of mind. It has to be like myself translated in textile /materials colors, shapes.

I'm trying to feel confident and beautiful and look thin.

Perfect presentation, I don't want to look bad in front of others, though its not possible to please everybody but to look quite cool and stylish, different and unique is attainable.

Coolness, a kind of aloof and not overly girlish girly-ness. Pinup gone 70s office manager / groupie.

Feeling good and ready for the day to begine.


I'm trying to stand out a little but not too much.

To feel comfortable but look cool at the same time

beauty and political commitment

Comfort, attractiveness, different-ness.

Making myself happy and comfortable.

For a start, trying not to offend. I look at myself and how I am going to appear in the landscape, and whether I will add to it or detract from it. But if truth be told I also have a bit of an ego and I try to also add a bit of flair too. I know that I'm getting older and I am overweight so I won't win any beauty contests - but I would like to not detract from the landscape and for people to at least say "she's not bad for a woman of her age and size"

fitting in. (social goals). Secret ends; coding my earrings (like Madeleine Albright).

Depends - If I am on appointments or just at the office or staying at home or out for a social event

I like to always look good but I need not necessarily "stand out" (anymore)

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