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40. If you had to wear a “uniform” what would it look like?


iris elenes

Leah Czaley

I do when im at work, we have 3 options, pants, long skirt and short skirt, all With blouse and jacket.



Rosa Allison


Black attire with adjustable elements for variety sake.

Morolake Mo

Serena Martin

It would be a pair of pants with wide legs and big pockets, plus a tank top. Shoes are optional. Think Caribbean beach vacation outfit.

Emmy Jarvis

ozzy birben

Ozlem Alkan K


T. A.

I'm hoping no camouflage.

Pied Avocet



Abby Swain


It is blue navy short and ironed.

Mozhgan Foroughi

Mathilda Osborne

Hospital scrubs.

Renne' Rondell

Western style.

Debra Mandeville

Esme Hill

Akshita Sharma

see mags 2

Heidi Prescott

In the past, I have made myself 'uniform' outfits for jobs with a lot of customer interaction. I had a set of machine washable dresses I could wear with flats for the arts jobs; they were monochromatic and stylish without being flashy. They almost always had jackets (with interior pockets) that went with. I sewed them all.
My adult version of this resembles a Chico's store. Pants, jacket. I miss the big jewelry.

SJ Kurtz




But I do wear a uniform. Black t-shirt, grey sweater, dark jeans, a pair of black boots. A pair of white tennis shoes at summer.

Anneli Saari

Lottie S

Vyenna Pearcy

A navy dress, pearls and gold sandals


clean, pristine, clean lines and edges and good colour - no clashes please!

Alannah Albany

Black skinny Jeans. Dark blue Shirt. Black leather-jacket. Brown leather boots. Sunglasses.

Theresa Schlichtherle

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