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40. If you had to wear a “uniform” what would it look like?

But I do wear a uniform. Black t-shirt, grey sweater, dark jeans, a pair of black boots. A pair of white tennis shoes at summer.

Anneli Saari

Lottie S

Vyenna Pearcy

A navy dress, pearls and gold sandals


clean, pristine, clean lines and edges and good colour - no clashes please!

Alannah Albany

Black skinny Jeans. Dark blue Shirt. Black leather-jacket. Brown leather boots. Sunglasses.

Theresa Schlichtherle

Something gingham. Keds. Shows off my legs. Light Audrey and day time Dita Von Teese. Cute as hell.

Kay Mollica

Ali Underwood

Theresa Seraphin

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May Hasabi

Black dress with t-shirt sleeves and a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths.

Grace Hall

Courtney Schmidt

Blouse and skirt

Danielle O

Black or grey. High quality. Pants and shirt. Perfect fit.


yanqin lin

I was so fashinated by sailor moon when I was little......I want her uniform so much.

Valentina Rosso

Madeline KL

Heidi Madsen

It would be a bright coloured dress. Preferably red or blue

Amber Doty

Alisa Houghton

scarf, tight cords or olive khakis, loose sweater, sneakers, a fedora and a long coat, navy or black.

Bryony Angell



Sophia Ruthkowski

I basically do wear a uniform of knit linen tees, denim or black jeans/pants, and stripes. I love stripes.

See Mags

"little black dress" and cardigan

Marta Ochnio

Lauren Campbell

I'd rather not.


Jas White

A little black dress with some flair like a cutout or an asymmetrical hem or texture, black ballerina flats, black cardigan, statement earrings, five rings (three one hand, two on the other hand), no makeup except for a glossy lip or pomegranate lip balm.

Lissy Irions

Daniela Chica

Angela DiDomenico

Purple flared pants, blue shirt, green sweater, brown shoes.

Alice Grillet

Man’s shirt, white. Cigarette trousers, black and white print. Sparkly socks, multi coloured. Jumper, multi coloured, textures. Long overcoat, bright colour. Chunky shoes.

I think I have a kind of variable uniform already. I always wear cigarette trousers or skin tight jeans or jazzy leggings - slim trousers, I would never wear anything wide legged. I like second hand men’s shirts, white or striped. I have lots of big wooly cardigans, knitted by grannies I hope, that I have picked up in vintage stores. I like jackets in bright colours, or patters or sparkly - I like my outerwear to be really bold because its what everyone sees first outside on the street.

Sarah Hill

My uniform: black boots, black skinny jeans, navy or grey sweater and my basic jewerly (watch, necklace). Coat/ jacket depends on the weather, but i wear a version of this from september to may.

Natalia Petro

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