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44. What sorts of things do you do, clothing, make-up or hair-wise, to feel professional?

hair looks trendy. very short. big glasses..
my uniform. interesting jewelry
I dont do corporate


Cant say i feel Pro in anything i do or wear.

I wear button ups and slacks 100% of the time.

I feel professional when I have a purse or a clutch. Wearing an elegant dress or nice slacks, maybe. A pair of comfy wedge heels finish it off nicely.

I wear a lot more black than I prefer.

I buy the good quality products from the retail store.

At my age, I no longer need to look professional. When I was a professor, I wore khakis & long sleeve blouses or simple skirts & tops with flats. When I was a practicing RN, I wore funky scrubs & plastic clogs. I recall vividly my dislike of the "white shirt, black tie, IBM" image. Got rid of all the 'professional' suits, etc. but kept some of the scrubs. They're good for anytime wear, out or in or even as pj's.

All three

If it's office, to be inconspicuous.
If I'm doing costuming, I wear the best sewn thing I have. If that involves sequins or a feathered hat, that too.
I don't wear make up; I never look good in it.

Visit hair dresser. Clean/polish shoes. Wear something dark and well-fitting.

tone down, absolutely always - natural makeup, natural hair, calm clothes and colours

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