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44. What sorts of things do you do, clothing, make-up or hair-wise, to feel professional?

I keep my hair more maintained for work, I try to wear more business casual or businesswear.

Hair stays same..may dress differently for work functions..but casual dress daily for work

My general rule of thumb for dressing more professionally (for myself) is black with one colorful piece of clothing or all black with statement jewelry. Hair, typically slicked back and a no-makeup makeup look with lipstick.

the stuff that has my name on it or is a gift from someone with a picture of a friend on it.

I wear organic materials, I look for good quality, nice colors and cuts, durability, classic style(like red lipstick), not dyeing my hair, not taking my look too far from the natural look(french style).


collars and good hair

Light makeup, natural look. Modest clothing that cover my arms and legs, my hair is usually down. Small earrings. A touch of color or an accessory like a scarf.


I iron my clothes. I'm working on the casual yet professional look -- it's not my forte.

not as much as i should. wearing earrings or finger rings, sweaters, a boring cardigan i bought for five euros in italy.

Business formal clothes, straightened hair, and minimal makeup.

Minimal make-up, but definitely concealer, hair tied back (or down), and a suit or dress.

Less bold than usual

I like doing hair-wise and makeup

I work from home around 340 days a year, so I don't have to do "professional" often.

When I'm at work conferences or annual meetings, I put on a black sheath dress underneath a cropped moto jacket. I wear puma athletic flats and a chunky, bold necklace.

My female colleagues tell me they're jealous of my flat shoes. A C-Level female executive pulled me aside last year to tell me I'd inspired her to put pink streaks in my hair.

Straight hair feels more professional than wavy hair. Well fitted but draped clothes. Smart shoes with some height as if I'm the tallest person in the room I feel like the boss.

Most of my costumers and their costumers are engineers or people that work in a technical field. They do not emphasize so much on garments. Jeans and Shirts are often worn by These People. I try to look similar.

still looking for a great linen suit for this. wearing my hair up. closed toe shoes. but really anything I own just worn with the right attitude.

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