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44. What sorts of things do you do, clothing, make-up or hair-wise, to feel professional?

All three

If it's office, to be inconspicuous.
If I'm doing costuming, I wear the best sewn thing I have. If that involves sequins or a feathered hat, that too.
I don't wear make up; I never look good in it.

Visit hair dresser. Clean/polish shoes. Wear something dark and well-fitting.

tone down, absolutely always - natural makeup, natural hair, calm clothes and colours

Trousers. Little or no make-up. Short hair, little or no hair product

I like dark tights. I have one grey skirt I can wear with any top and do what I can to feel most like me with my make up. I make it work. I really don't have anything professional except things I fiddle with.

Wearing a blazer to work makes me feel instantly more professional than I do without one. Carrying my black handbag makes me feel professional too, especially when you can see that it's stuffed with clear files and pads and papers.

Hygiene, eye-brows shaped, some makeup to even out the skin. Look like an effort was made.
Hair - clean, straight down or up in a bun. Depending on how wavy the hair decide to be that day.

I just put a lot of effort in it.

I straighten my bangs and spike up the back, I wear a very proffwssional shirt with black slacks or a black or gray skirt

I blow dry my hair and use thickening product to make it fuller. I wear tinted moisturizer and makeup to work. This makes me feel more put together and not like I just rolled out of bed. Seattle is a pretty casual place depending on where you work, but I feel I need to put some effort into being professionally presentable. Makeup makes me feel more professional now that I am over 40, whereas I never used to wear make up when I was younger.

Oh god, this is the worst for me. I am young and poor and work in creative fields, where you're trying to look adult and well-designed and that is much easier to do with money. I think what I lack for in expensive dress, I make up for with a professional attitude.

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