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44. What sorts of things do you do, clothing, make-up or hair-wise, to feel professional?

My hair is more likely to be up if I want to feel professional, makeup in more muted colors, and as far as clothes, more collared shirts, usually a skirt, simpler shoes.

I think to feel professional you have to basically be formal in what you wear and not overly revealing or "street-friendly". It should be some nice looking, inside clothing ideal for an air-conditioned environment.

Head to toe, lots of straight lines.

Basically my dress up clothes are my professional clothes. I dress for success and for me that means being noticed, creating a bit of shock and being remembered. People don't forget a walking rainbow.

I braid my hair to make the dyed parts and bright hair wraps kind of blend into the rest of my hair, and pull it to the side to cover the shaved part. And I can rock a blazer if I need to. Cover my tattoos. I usually feel a bit underdressed for everything, though, because most of my clothes are mysteriously kind of worn out. I usually also feel like I’m dressing a part when I dress “professionally,” and not doing a very good job disguising my laidback approach to professionalism. Maybe we’re all just dressing a part when we put on the clothes we’re expected to wear in particular situations? Maybe my nonchalance is a small rebellion.

My "profession" is writing and organizing art and music-related shows, so it's more about having clothes that feel like they fit well rather than any sort of stereotypical "professional" appearance.

My profession is, thank God, my actual Self. Is that lucky? I think so.

I like to dress up a bit -- just business casual. I like to look presentable and put together and ready to work. It makes me feel professional.

clean hair, very little eye makeup and a good skirt and blouse - sometimes vintage...

button down shirts that are tailored.

Try to tame my curly hair (a little bit), not dye it pink or blue like I want to. Not do cat eyeliner at the office. Cover my tattoos. And throw a blazer on top of everything to dress it up a bit more, if I'm pushing it in one of those areas.

My profession is art so looking myself reflects my work.

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