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44. What sorts of things do you do, clothing, make-up or hair-wise, to feel professional?

Straight hair feels more professional than wavy hair. Well fitted but draped clothes. Smart shoes with some height as if I'm the tallest person in the room I feel like the boss.

Most of my costumers and their costumers are engineers or people that work in a technical field. They do not emphasize so much on garments. Jeans and Shirts are often worn by These People. I try to look similar.

still looking for a great linen suit for this. wearing my hair up. closed toe shoes. but really anything I own just worn with the right attitude.

I like to have a really neutral make-up look for work. Generally a CC cream or light foundation which is a good match for my skin. Some concealer, mascara and tinted lip balm. Perhaps a bit of blush since I'm ridiculously pale and don't want to look like a corpse.

I'll pull my hair back into a ponytail so that I'm not worrying about it going flat.

I don't usually wear a two-piece suit as I think it looks too formal. But I'll often wear a blazer jacket with some chinos in a different colour, or a nice skirt and blouse. I love wearing black tights as I think they look super professional. Small-heeled loafers or pumps.

hair looks trendy. very short. big glasses..
my uniform. interesting jewelry
I dont do corporate


Cant say i feel Pro in anything i do or wear.

I wear button ups and slacks 100% of the time.

I feel professional when I have a purse or a clutch. Wearing an elegant dress or nice slacks, maybe. A pair of comfy wedge heels finish it off nicely.

I wear a lot more black than I prefer.

I buy the good quality products from the retail store.

At my age, I no longer need to look professional. When I was a professor, I wore khakis & long sleeve blouses or simple skirts & tops with flats. When I was a practicing RN, I wore funky scrubs & plastic clogs. I recall vividly my dislike of the "white shirt, black tie, IBM" image. Got rid of all the 'professional' suits, etc. but kept some of the scrubs. They're good for anytime wear, out or in or even as pj's.

All three

If it's office, to be inconspicuous.
If I'm doing costuming, I wear the best sewn thing I have. If that involves sequins or a feathered hat, that too.
I don't wear make up; I never look good in it.

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