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45. How do you conform to or rebel against the dress expectations at your workplace?

Alternative personal style and tattoos are becoming far more accepted in tech. I spent my early 20s covering my tattoos and around age 28, I stopped. Today, my hand and neck tattoos can't be covered.

At this point, blue hair and a strong work ethic are exactly what's expected of me in my workplace.

They don't really have expectations

As I said, often I wear garments made by me. Shirts for example in mallow or a pair of Jeans sewn by me with my initials on the back pockets. (Instead of the arches from Levis.)

I'm self employed so I can do whatever, even on a job I might wear something that's not denim and shirt as everyone else but it makes me feel most me and that's what this is all about isn't it?

I am fine


I support them and follow them.

I don’t have a workplace: I’m freelance. I get to wear what I want when I want.

You know, somehow I feel like I am not capable of either of those things, now that you mention it.

I wear dark blue and black pant at my work place.

I do not work now.

We had great dress codes for a office and we all tried to look nice.

It's about the when/where. If there are clients, I dress to make them think I'm what they expect (and that varies WILDLY).
If I'm just out and about, it depends on the day. I'm more outlandish in the summer.
What I really need is a over the top winter coat.

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