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45. How do you conform to or rebel against the dress expectations at your workplace?

I dress in what's socially acceptable

I used to work outside so I’d always be dirty.

I rebel by injecting my personality in small and large ways. Unexpected funky sneakers with my suits. A statement shirt with dress pants and a jacket on Fridays. Knee-high leather boots with a nice work dress. Colorful, ethnic jewelry sometimes.

Its all good..I like the casual

Bold lipstick and fun shoes.

i don't work.

I tend to express my opinion through clothes, I think workplace clothing should be somewhat conservative, like not wearing hot pants, flip-flops, tank tops etc. We don't have these rules at our office, I miss them.

I have my on business, so I do not have to conform or rebel. I wear what i like.

we don't have much dress expectations

I don't, I just wear things that look cute and appropriate for work. I would never wear jeans to work.

I do what’s expected clothing wise

I try to conform. If anything I'm too formal.

rebel by not removing the cat hairs from my clothes. i've worked in blue collar industries and tech, so expectations are not high. i conform by wearing jeans and graphic shirts sometimes.

I don't like classic suits - they don't look good on me, so why should I wear something I don't feel comfortable in?
I prefer similar level of 'dressiness' in mixed simple separates, or a dress and cropped jacket.

I'm a student with no outside employment right now.

My workplace is currently my home so I can basically wear whatever I want every day.

I'm a student I am freeeee

I don't really

Alternative personal style and tattoos are becoming far more accepted in tech. I spent my early 20s covering my tattoos and around age 28, I stopped. Today, my hand and neck tattoos can't be covered.

At this point, blue hair and a strong work ethic are exactly what's expected of me in my workplace.

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