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45. How do you conform to or rebel against the dress expectations at your workplace?

I don’t have a workplace: I’m freelance. I get to wear what I want when I want.

You know, somehow I feel like I am not capable of either of those things, now that you mention it.

I wear dark blue and black pant at my work place.

I do not work now.

We had great dress codes for a office and we all tried to look nice.

It's about the when/where. If there are clients, I dress to make them think I'm what they expect (and that varies WILDLY).
If I'm just out and about, it depends on the day. I'm more outlandish in the summer.
What I really need is a over the top winter coat.

There are no expectations, really. Sometimes I "rebel" by dressing neatly.

I conform to the expectation of the workplace by dressing corporately for the office however, by doing this I rebel agains the dress expectations of everyone else who is a lot more casual.

i dont do either

never dressing up for the recipients of opera. (almost) never dress up. preferably wholes in my jeans.

I'm supposed to wear the correct backpack. I wear my soft all black one with all these cool pins instead. It keeps me and my back sane.

What I wear to work is tidy and certainly would be considered as looking professional. But what I wear is very different to what other women wear. I don't wear heavily tailored clothing; I don't wear suits; I don't wear belts around the middle of dresses; I don't typically wear high heeled shoes. I wear clothes that have a little more personality, because I think fuck it, there's more to me than my job as a lawyer!

I conform to business wear

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