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45. How do you conform to or rebel against the dress expectations at your workplace?

There aren't very many - so this doesn't apply to me.

Well, as a freelance writer and stay at home mother, I don't know, really. I wear bright colours and dress practically. I don't conform because I don't wear Nike or Adidas sneakers. I do still wear my Converse. Also, I do not dye my hair...

I push the boundaries. Maybe I wear colored jeans instead of slacks. Maybe I wear a t-shirt with a scarf instead of a blouse. Maybe I go a little more trendy than businessy sometimes.

I conform because I have no choice. I have to wear long, black slacks and a long sleeve, black button-up top and black shoes. I rebel by wearing white athletic socks. Nobody ever sees because I am always standing up.

sometimes i won't wear my nametag ;)

My workplace is technically "business casual" but really it's "casual". There's a guy in my department who wears jeans and a hoodie every. single. day. With lines like that, I don't really have to alter the way I dress for work.

My workplace has few dress expectations. I dress as I would normally, but as the most modest version of myself (no sheer tops, cleavage or short shorts).

I think my workplace conservatism has made me a sexier dresser in my free time, as this is 'my chance' to wear those provocative garments.

My workplace requires all-black clothing, but I like to add small splashes of color in places - colored socks, undershirt, small jewelry.

I conform by dressing appropriate - not too sexy and not too slouchy.

Rebel with all my might.

In all of my workplaces I have found ways to twist the rules a little and accomodate my personal style.

I conform to dress code while working, but I am a good Canadian and wear a toque in wintertime. My favorite toque is black with white skull and cross bones on it. When I stepped into a managerial role one of my superiors saw me leaving for the day and he said, "So you've been promoted to help manage a multi-million dollar company and you're still wearing that hat. You're the real deal, aren't you?" Yes, I am that.

i work at a photography studio, there is no dress code at all

At my school most girls kind of give up midway through the year and just start wearing yoga pants every day, so for me, putting on a "real outfit" every day is kind of like a personal challenge and a reminder that I haven't given up yet.

When I was a waitress, the dress code was black and tidy, and I rebelled by wearing mostly black things, colourful tights, big boots, and dying my hair.

I wear clothes that look like I work in an office. That is, I conform, and that makes me look like I actually rebel where I work because there are no expectations.

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