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45. How do you conform to or rebel against the dress expectations at your workplace?

Sometimes I wear navy instead of black... wild.

I never iron my uniform, they' re lucky to have me, I wear sketchers plimsolls

I don't have a workplace.

Haha! I wore red nail polish!

Dress better than other people there (but not overtly).

I work for myself so I suit myself more than if I were employed. I don't conform to the expected look and use beautiful knits (Marion Foale for example) or mid-thigh length unlined coats (Marni, Max Mara) to replace jackets.

I don't really worry about it, i adjust my style to the place without changing my taste.

My workplace is really laid-back and suits my style, so it's not an issue really.

I work at a high-end restaurant. pressed black shirts are the standard. In a restaurant like this, uniformity is the name of the game not self expression. I cover my tattoos and mostly everything that shows my personality. Good service is subtle and unobtrusive. This includes your actions, word choice and appearance.

I am a big fan of wearing pants that are the "skinny" style, but are black, or khaki. That way I feel like I'm still wearing jeans but they're not denim so I feel like it's OK. This stems from the fact that I have never found a pair of business pants that I liked, not for extreme lack of trying, either.

Don't feel the need to rebel. Dress expectations based on safety so I am willing to follow. I do work for a university and never wear clothing promoting the schools athletics. Hope the team does well just not passionate enough about it to let my shirt do the talking.

I just conform because it's easier.

I always have a flash of stand out colour in my clothing. I often wear boots of some sort. Statement jewelry.

I wore a Victorian frilly lolita dress at school. I also wore a waistcoat without the shirt once.
i do conform by wearing jeans very often.

i will be myself

i was in nursing so I didn't mind conforming,

I wear funnier stuff than most women my age. Dressing with a sense of humor often feels a little subversive.

No dress code

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