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56. What would be a difficult or uncomfortable look for you to try and achieve?

I wouldn't enjoy doing full hair and make-up every day. I like saving that for special occasions.

Whenever I’m invited to a modern nightclub or anywhere people are expected to wear something sexy, I’m at a loss. I don’t have pumps or a little black dress or anything that ends above the knee. I own tons of fishnets and corsets, but they always end up hidden under layers of other clothes. Any time I try to dress more conventionally sexy it ends up feeling like more of a patch job.

If I was told I had to start dressing like my mother dressed when she was in her 50's, or that I had to dress to blend in with everyone else.

High heels. Frothy, poofy. Botox bombshell babe.

I'd look ridiculous in wide-legged trousers. And I'd be damn uncomfortable in anything too overtly tight or sexy, like a leopard print mini. I think I'm kind of prudish when it comes to what I wear out in public.

There is no look that would be difficult for me to achieve since I spent more than 20 years in fashion (even teaching costume history and fashion merchandising) just to prove to my mother and ex-husband that I was NOT the ugly duckling they insisted on calling me. But I won’t be comfortable wearing clothes that are revealing or “popular.” I am most comfortable dressing to stand out in the crowd as an artsy, unique and original individual who is spiritually focused.

the little black dress?

I look terrible in anything hippie-ish or trashy. For instance, caftans or Cavalli.

Low-waisted skinny-jeans with a tight t-shirt. Yuck. It both feels and looks terrible on me.

Sneakers are very hard for me to wear. Stilettos are impossible and are for some girls but not me. I definitely have trouble looking trendy. It just feels wrong. I definitely do pull from what is going on in fashion but I reinterpret it using vintage or second-hand pieces because I try not to buy many new things.

air hostess - anything smart

There are numerous svelte looks that I cannot achieve. For instance, I once had a friend who wore a sexy unitard for a racy encounter. It was ripped off of her from neck to crotch even though she spent good money on it. If I wore a sexy unitard, I’d look like an inner-tube. I guess that’s an extreme example.

Cute. I spent my life wanting to be cute and delicate, because I felt so small and shy, but unfortunately I've never had the looks. I'm starting to slowly own my tropical-rainforest stereotype of beauty. Also, it took me a while for me to accept that I wasn't "oddly beautiful", but just plain old beautiful. My husband said that to me once, grabbing my boobs during sex, "you're just plain old HOT, aren't you?". It's true. There's nothing intrinsically interesting about my looks, and I have to try really hard to look unusual. If I don't wear anything special I just look like a pretty girl.

Any look that I’d really have to think about. I go about my look as I go about mostly anything: I just do what feels right. If I’d have to name one look that I imagine I could never achieve, it’s that of a gogo dancer. I’m just not that type of girl and can’t envision myself in that role or clothing style, ever.

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